Thank you to our communities!

The Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists want to recognize the support for “community” which was evident at the Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist annual auction gathering held at Carbondale’s Third Street Center recently.  After a COVID interruption last year, the annual auction event returned with friends, neighbors and visitors meeting for food, entertainment, music and an assortment of auction items.

The evening was filled with conversation, good food, music, laughter and support. The successful event was evidence of the strength and resilience of our population.

Unitarian Universalists are a people of theological, spiritual and philosophical diversity.  We believe in the interdependent web of life and, as part of that, we support local businesses and social justice campaigns to support our beloved community! Our annual auction returned, and we appreciate your support.

Dorothea Farris, 

TRUU Board Member

SkiCo trails

The Aspen Skiing Company is asking for suggestions for trail names in the new Pandora’s area on Aspen Mountain. I have a suggestion: Name the trails after women who have had an impact historically on Aspen, whether as community leaders, prominent skiers/snowboarders or past leaders of SkiCo.

A review of the trail maps for all four ski mountains reveals just four trails named after women: Ruthie’s Run and Gretl’s on Aspen Mountain, and Suzi Q and Scarlett’s on Aspen Highlands (Naked Lady on Snowmass doesn’t count).

The Little Nell on Aspen Mountain could, perhaps with some disrepute, be counted as a fifth. According to the history posted on the Little Nell hotel’s website, an inspired miner from the 1880s named his mining claim Little Nell as a way of expressing his ardent passions for “a certain lady of the night.”

Meanwhile, there are upwards of 30 trails named after men. The naming rights for two of those, Gene Reardon’s Run and Adam’s Avenue, were literally sold to the highest bidder. So how about it, SkiCo? Can you find a way to give some of the amazing women in Aspen’s history their due by naming trails in their honor? 

Allyn Harvey, Carbondale

Housing-pool swap

If Roaring Fork School District housing were placed where the pool is now, it would be close to the RFTA stop, the Launchpad, theaters and City Market — via circulator or even walking, etcetera.  If the new pool were placed near the current ballfields and schools, it would be closer to students, athletic grounds and the seniors at Crystal Village. With a cover and a season extended from May to mid-October, physical education (“PE”) classes could add a swimming unit and increased revenue from local use might cover the additional operating expense.  Some teachers may prefer to live not immediately adjacent to work but well within walking or biking distance.

A day late and dollar short, however, I never heard this option discussed and the pool design was so constrained. 

Jay Coursey, Carbondale

Yes on 2A

I am writing to ask for your support for the town of Carbondale’s ballot issue 2A. Last year, a group of citizens came before the Carbondale trustees to express concerns about short-term rentals (STRs), like AirBnBs and VRBOs, in Carbondale. We pointed to a lack of rules and fair taxation, but most importantly warned that proliferation of these types of uses in residential areas could displace long-term renters who are key to the economy and community of our town. The trustees undertook a number of meetings to hear from the public and suss out a strategy. The early meetings were emotional and contentious, but slowly a semblance of consensus emerged to regulate STRs in a way that balanced some need for visitor accommodations with a need to protect long-term renters and create some funding for housing security in Carbondale. Issue 2A is just one of the results of that considerate and collaborative process and enjoys wide support from those who were involved on both sides. Carbondale’s annual budget is roughly one-quarter the size of Basalt’s, one-eleventh the size of Glenwood’s, and one-fifteenth the size of Aspen’s. While 2A will only add a modest amount to our housing fund, creating a dedicated funding source for housing demonstrates commitment to helping solve our housing issues and offers the town key leverage to match other grants. This tax is fair for STR landlords who still enjoy very low residential property tax rates compared to commercial lodges. In any case, they are expected to pass along its costs to visitors who enjoy the community and services long-term renters make possible. Please support 2A.

Chris Hassig, Carbondale

Editor’s note: Hassig currently serves as a Carbondale trustee. 

Yes on 2A

Speaking as an individual, I support voting yes on Carbondale 2A. This 6% tax on short-term rentals will not affect property owners or hotels. It will affect anyone renting an Airbnb, Vrbo or other short-term rentals; short-term renters of less than 30 days. These revenues will become a dedicated source towards affordable housing. We don’t have all the answers to affordable housing but if it is buydowns or matching funds, we need a revenue source that is being paid by visitors rather than residents.

Marty Silverstein, Carbondale

Editor’s note: Silverstein currently serves as a Carbondale trustee. 

Vote for Becky

I’m endorsing Becky Moller for Garfield County clerk and recorder because she is an excellent leader who is extremely well versed in the law and handles complex issues professionally and fairly. I’ve been honored to work with her on a municipal commission and a community project and have found her easy to work with. She will make an excellent county clerk. Vote for BECKY MOLLER FOR GARFIELD COUNTY CLERK.

John Williams, Carbondale

Vote for Becky

I have known Becky Moller since 2008. We jointly served on the Parks and Recreation Commission for the town of Carbondale for over a decade. During the time that we worked together, it became clear that Becky cares deeply about making a difference in her community. She has a strong sense of justice and is someone I consider to have the highest integrity. Becky is not swayed by popular opinion and has a strong sense of character. She isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said and to follow law and procedure as it is laid out before her. As the county clerk, she would serve as the chief election official for the county. I have no doubt that she would do so with the honesty and integrity I’ve come to expect from her. I believe she will work hard to bring the office up to date, secure elections and create change where needed. Becky’s moral compass always points in the direction of what is right and for that reason, I believe she is the best person for this position.

Tracy Wilson, Carbondale

Vote for Phil

I urge my fellow Carbondale citizens and other Colorado registered voters who are reading this, to vote for Phil Weiser for Colorado Attorney General. I have known Phil for nearly 15 years and am extremely proud of his success as Attorney General. For those who don’t know him, Phil has had a distinguished legal career. He clerked on the U.S. Supreme Court for Justices Byron White & Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He worked in the Justice Department, focusing on antitrust issues. He taught and served as dean at University of Colorado Law School, and he was a senior adviser for technology and innovation during the Obama Administration. For the past 4 years, he has served admirably as Colorado’s Attorney General. He ought to be re-elected.

Among his many successes as Attorney General, Phil has worked hard to fight for affordable housing; to protect our land, water and air; to safeguard our constitutional rights and the rule of law; and to defend the integrity of our elections and democracy. Phil has done this hard work without fanfare or self-aggrandizement, without scandal and without acrimony. He has dutifully done his job and he deserves a second term. Phil is not a career politician. He has undertaken this role out of public service, and we should reward that with voting to re-elect him. We need more elected leaders like Phil.

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat or Unaffiliated, I encourage you to cast your ballot for Phil Weiser as Attorney General. It feels good to vote for someone you know deserves the job and won’t let you down.

Chris Bryan, Carbondale

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