Christmas boutique
The 46th annual Carbondale Christmas Boutique was held on Saturday, Nov. 12 at the Carbondale Fire Department, and we are grateful and full of appreciation for so much. For starters, we thank all of the artisans and crafters over the years who have helped make this Carbondale tradition so wonderful for over four decades. We thank all of the shoppers who come to support us, year after year after year! And we thank the new faces that joined us this year as well.
We thank the Carbondale Fire Department for their gracious cooperation and for hosting the event each year. We proudly donate a percentage of all purchases to the fire department. Our shoppers enjoy delicious coffee generously donated by Carbondale’s very own Bonfire Coffee and we say “thank you” to them. The Village Smithy is the perfect location for displaying our banner for the week leading up to the event and we say “thank you” to them.
Already, we are looking ahead to make the 47th annual Carbondale Christmas Boutique even better! Happy Holidays from all of us.
Carbondale Christmas Boutique

It is with sincere gratitude that I would like to offer my appreciation to voters of Garfield County for their gracious consideration of my candidacy for the position of county treasurer. I would further wish to extend my heart-felt gratefulness to the volunteers, donors, officers and members of the Democratic Party who supported my campaign as their nominee. Throughout the process I was humbled and honored by your constant encouragement.
Though there were many highlights in this campaign, I would be remiss if I did not call attention to an ugliness that I hope we can commit to one another to extinguish here. In the many conversations I had with residents of this county, the vast majority were positive. However, I witnessed several angry insults leveled at candidates that would shock any reader here.
I would like to remind everyone, the candidates for local office are your neighbors. They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, they are us. It is one thing to express your disagreements with their positions, it is entirely something else to feel entitled to vulgarly insult someone because they belong to another party than you. I truly hope Mrs. Couey was spared these experiences. We poison ourselves and community if we allow the opinions of national pundits, who are paid to stoke anger and division for ratings, to become how we describe our local candidates. We should always remember the democratic axiom that “every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.”
I would like to extend my congratulations to Treasurer Couey on a hard-fought and won campaign. Thank you, Carrie, for stepping forward to serve our county. Though we disagree on our priorities for the Treasurer’s Office, I have no doubt in your sincerity to do what is right on behalf of the people of Garfield County as you set that course. I wish you success. Your success will be the county’s success.
We may continue to disagree, but the election is over and now is time for unity for our county. May God bless Treasurer Couey, her family and the people of Garfield County.
Aron Diaz
Democratic Candidate for Garfield County Treasurer