Share the road!

Did you know that Carbondale is recognized as a “Gold Standard Bike Friendly Community” by the League of American Bicyclists? In an effort to promote peaceful and safe coexistence among bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists, the Carbondale Bike Pedestrian Trails Commission would like to remind cyclists that:

“A bicyclist in Colorado has all the rights and responsibilities applicable to the driver of any other vehicle. That means bicyclists must obey the rules of the road like other drivers, and are to be treated as equal users of the road. Bicyclists, like motorized drivers, can be ticketed or penalized for not obeying the laws.” – Colorado Department of Transportation Bicycle/Pedestrian /Scenic Byways Section

Here are some important tips for cyclists:

  Obey traffic signs and signals. Stop signs and “street closed” signs apply to ALL vehicles. If you must travel on a closed street, dismount your bike and walk it.

  Ride with traffic, never against it.

  Use hand signals to indicate your intent to turn or stop.

  Give an audible announcement such as a verbal “on your left” or a bell ring before passing another road or trail user.

  Yield to pedestrians.

  Ride as far to the right, in the right lane, as possible except when passing another vehicle, preparing for a left turn, or avoiding hazards. Watch for parked car doors opening unexpectedly.

  When sharrows (paintings on the road of a bicycle with two chevron signs above it) are present, they indicate that a cyclist has the right to take that entire traffic lane.

• Do not pass on the right.

  Ride single-file in most circumstances.  Never ride more than two abreast, and return to single-file if riding two abreast impedes the flow of traffic.

  Use a white headlight, red taillight, and reflectors when riding in the dark – be visible!

  Keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times. (Bicycle Law set by the Model Traffic Code for Colorado §42-4-1412 and §42-4-802). Do not use mobile devices while riding! (

To ride safely:

  Always expect the unexpected when you ride; your first responsibility is to be safe.

  Ride predictably so other road users know what you’re doing.

  Always wear a helmet.

  Wear bright clothing.

  Always be aware of obstacles in front of you and especially of motor vehicles unexpectedly turning right.

  Never wear headphones when cycling – they block other sounds you need to hear.

  A rearview mirror mounted on the end of your handlebar or on your helmet is very useful.

  Riding on sidewalks is dangerous and not recommended for adults.

  Make eye contact with drivers, never assume motorists see you or that you have the right- of-way.

  Acknowledge the courtesy of other road users yielding to you.

“Every person’s transportation choice counts! We all need to be conscious of and courteous to other individuals when sharing our roadways. Remember, streets and trails are for everyone and sharing is more than good manners!”  -CDOT bike manual

Have a safe and happy summer sharing the road!

Laurie Loeb

Bicycle Pedestrian and Trails Commission

Corrections: Last week, we mistakenly omitted one of the target items for Carbondale’s comprehensive plan update. It’s requested that the update take into consideration the town’s Climate Action Plan and Vulnerability, Consequences, and Adaptation Planning Scenarios report, as well as new technologies, for more current sustainability goals and other amendments that strengthen stewardship of the natural environment.

Sue Gray was also misidentified as the Carbondale Historical Society’s executive director. She is, in fact, vice president of the board.