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Letters – June 16, 2022

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Vote Boebert out
Americans have had enough of the carnage. 

Nearly all of the recent horrible mass shootings have been by young men who had easy access to firearms and automatic weapons. 

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Lauren Boebert has consistently voted against every proposed logical gun regulation measure. Most appallingly, she introduced a bill to lower the legal age at which guns can be purchased. 

She continues to impose her extremist values while ignoring the desires of her constituents. 

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Vote her out. 

Annette Roberts-Gray

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Enough Jankowsky
Sweetwater Lake is a gem that we are fortunate to have in the public domain. Purposing the property has become a contentious issue and merits further discussion between state and federal land managers, elected officials and stakeholders.

When I heard radio coverage and read the report of the Garfield County Commissioners work session I was disgusted but not surprised. The lack of decorum and inappropriate language used by Commissioner Tom Jankowsky is unbefitting of our elected officials. I do not refer to “political correctness,” rather to basic respect in communication. ( Not only was Jankowsky’s “tough guy” intimidation out of place but he went on to accuse and insult the members of the Eagle Valley Land Trust (EVLT). 

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The EVLT worked long and hard to assure that the citizens will be able to enjoy Sweetwater Lake in perpetuity. The article states that Jankowsky voted against acquiring the property for public domain. His support of the wealthy private sector over public benefit has been his trademark. Whether making Sweetwater Lake a state park is the best use of this public asset is debatable, Jankowsky’s behavior is not. 

Jankowsky is quoted as telling the conservation oriented EVLT they should “feel remorse” for their direction. Tom, look to either side of you and take a lesson from your fellow commissioners, effective elected officials who conduct themselves maturely and respect their constituents. Look in the mirror, Tom Jankowsky, and you will see who should feel remorse.

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John B. Armstrong


Vote Velasco
I urge Democrats to vote for Elizabeth Velasco for state House District 57 in this month’s primary.

I serve with Elizabeth on a non-profit board and find her engaging and present in, and outside of, our meetings. She knows how to listen. Those are characteristics we want in our local representative to the state legislature.

Elizabeth has been a community member for 20 years and put her heart and soul into making this a better place to live. She is a small business owner, and works as a Public Information Officer on wildland fires. She volunteered to help with COVID relief at a time when many of us were uncertain about the future.

Elizabeth has worked hard on this election. She’s been out in the community knocking on doors to introduce herself, and joining us at our various events. She is fully engaged with the many different people who live in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys.

Her website ( lays out her understanding of the issues that are priorities for our rural communities and is a great resource to learn more about her.

Vote Velasco for House District 57!

Allyn Harvey


Judge Righteously
By what standards shall we judge political candidates?  I believe, by their integrity as they follow and obey our civil, moral and Constitutional laws.  During the upcoming primary election, we are privileged to have two Republican candidates for Congressional District 3 who have exposed their true colors via their voting records to help us evaluate their commitment to sound government.  No amount of campaign rhetoric or flashy ads will change their votes of the past:

Colorado State Senator Don Coram’s constitutional voting record, the one he swore to serve and defend, has been a dismal 41% average during his last four years. I certainly hope that his wedding vows are obeyed more closely than his oath to the Constitution.

US Representative Lauren Boebert’s Constitutional voting record, the one she swore to serve & defend has been 90% (18 of 20) which exceeds all of her three predecessors’ lifetime voting records: Tipton-66%, Salazar- 20%, McInnis- 58%.  I certainly hope she improves during her next term in DC.

The “world view” of the authors of numerous letters to the editor slamming Representative Boebert are telling, in that they expose a pro-central-government bias that often criticizes her allegiance to Constitutional law and conservative principles — rather than falling for the woke emotions of the day.  

The critics are obviously a part of the fastest growing religion today called humanism, which is a worship of self/humans/government as the ultimate source of power and knowledge. I call it worshiping the creature of government as a god. 

While Lauren Boebert is criticized by the left for her faith in worshiping the Creator of the universe, in God.  These are common arguments for our once Christian nation (never 100%), which has gone full circle as pre, post and now anti-Christian sentiments.

The comments are expected from a nation that has turned their backs on God and placed Washington DC as the savior. The fact is, the more we turn from the Founding Fathers’ intent of states limiting the power of the federal government, the more we sink as a nation into the trap of slavery by the feds losing our liberties and freedoms. We need strong Constitutional leadership, not people with a wishbone where a backbone is supposed to be.  Please vote for Congresswoman Boebert this month.

Jerry Law
Glenwood Springs

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