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Letters – June 10, 2021

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Plein Air Paint Out

I wanted to thank you for the cover story in this week’s Sopris Sun, what a nice surprise! And how favorably you presented Redstone. The Quick Draw was a success, we sold all the paintings, except for one large one, amounting to just under $3,000, contributing $1,350 to the scholarships. All in all a wonderful weekend.

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Becca Trembley


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CO remembers

On May 29 in Aurora, for a Memorial Day special event to remember the more than 6,000 Colorado American warriors in all the U.S. military branches who died in wars and who are

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declared missing in action, the Colorado Freedom Memorial presented at Springhill Community Park its ceremonial program “Colorado Remembers: Returning With Hope And Peace To Remember And Reflect”.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial founded by Rick Crandall is the preserve remembrance place and monument for all Coloradans to come together the visit and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice

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Colorado citizens gave in combat so you can enjoy and live life in our country.

It is the Colorado monument spot: “For eight years the Colorado Freedom Memorial has stood as the official monument to the fallen sons and daughters of [Colorado].”

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Some of the memorial program’s participants included CFM President/Founder Rick Crandall, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, U.S. Congressman Jason Crow, Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman,

Colorado National Guard, and Aerospace Data Facility Colorado Joint Honor Guard.

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Upcoming CFM events at the Colorado Freedom Memorial are: Patriots Day, Sept. 11, and Light Their Way Home, Nov. 11 to 13.

For more information visit:

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Emzy Veazy III


Crystal Mill Access

I forget the name of the gentleman that wrote a letter a couple weeks ago about limiting or, in his opinion, eliminating any motorized vehicles of any kind going up to the Crystal Mill and only allowing foot or maybe bike traffic. I’m going to guess he’s in pretty good health because that’s quite a hike, high altitude and a few miles to make the loop.

Pretty selfish attitude! How about us seniors that have made that drive for more than 50 years? How about that it was the last outing my father took at age 86? How about me being able to get up there and feel my son whose ashes are scattered up there? He loved it up there? I understand a few can ruin it and I agree that disrespect for any part of our beautiful country is unconscionable but to put a blanket on labeling for only people who can make the hike is just as disrespectful. Some of my family members have lived in Marble for more than 60 years and some are still there. Should natives of this area eliminate anyone not from here? Keep these special places to ourselves? Is that selfish? How about we put the train back and limit it to just a train ride along with a history lesson of how and why the Crystal Mill is there? The Mill holds a lot of special places in my heart and shame on an outsider whining and doing nothing but writing a letter. Unfortunately there are those who will not cherish and care for our area. When you go, TAKE ONLY PICTURES LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS.

Mary James

Missouri Heights

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