GarCo decision

Ascendigo Autism Services is deeply grateful to the Garfield County Staff who worked tirelessly to review the Ascendigo Ranch land use application. In addition, we are thankful to the County Commissioners who listened thoughtfully to all public comments.

Our entire organization is immensely inspired and proud of the public and institutional support we received for this proposal. The goal of providing a life-changing camp experience and training center for education and therapeutic services designed to meet the special needs of those living with autism spectrum disorder remains unrealized but it is still our North Star.

Special thanks to Commissioner Tom Jankowsky for his support of Ascendigo’s proposal and belief in the importance of such a facility for a growing and underserved segment of our population. It is clear from his comments that he spent countless hours reading the engineering reports and analysis presented by the County’s independent experts.

Ascendigo will continue to conduct best-in-class programs for individuals with autism and serve as a crucial resource to Garfield County. We do not know what will happen next in our efforts to create our permanent home, but our commitment to inclusion for those community members living with autism remains steadfast.

Ascendigo Autism Services

Fourth estate

Regarding the recent Aspen Times’ sensationalized stories on my family and the newspaper’s past refusal* to cover any of the City of Aspen housing authority’s flagrant violations of our constitutional right to free speech despite being called out by a local judge**, I’ll paraphrase my hero Tucker Carlson’s go-to dude, Glenn Greenwald, Pulitzer and Polk prize winner:

“One of the principal institutions devoted to monitoring and checking abuse of state power is the political media. The theory of a ‘fourth estate’ is to ensure transparency and provide a check on government overreach. However, that check is only effective if journalists act adversarially to those who wield political power. Instead, the Aspen Times has abdicated this role, being subservient to the government’s interests, even amplifying, rather than scrutinizing, its messages and carrying out its dirty work.”

*The very definition of #FakeNews

**Judge’s 27 page order found here:

Lee Mulcahy

Upper Frying Pan and Arlington, TX


Sometimes one has an experience that shines and makes you so proud to live in the community you do. Carbondale Arts recently had that gift. We hosted our first Golden Putter Golf Tournament for the Arts and it was such a joy. The event raised money for our arts education programming. Golf Tournaments are a bit outside our expertise, so we are extremely grateful to be surrounded by kind and generous folks, including the players.

Much thanks to all the volunteers who helped and the Carbondale Arts board volunteers – Raychl Keeling, Seth Goddard, Katy Parr, Elizabeth Hanke, Leah Swan, Helene Gude, Guinevere Jones and Brian Golden. RVR was incredible and Julie Warren and Steve VanDyke helped us every step of the way. Our sponsors showed up in style and we are grateful for this business support: Alpine Bank, Rickenbaugh Cadillac, Coldwell Banker Mason Morse, High Q, 2757 Design Co., OSM Delivery, Project Resource Studio, Aspen Daily News, Odell Brewing Co. and LIFT Vodka.

The fun included local artists Mellie Test, Patrick Fagen, Brian Colley and Claudia Pawl with Mezcla Social and we are very thankful. As usual, there are always those that shine above and beyond – Gib Johnson, Kat Rich, Annette Roberts-Gray, Sammie Montgomery, Andreia Poston, Sondie Reiff, Isabel and Rory Johnson, Sean Connors and Shawn Tonozzi were those heroes

Carbondale Arts is celebrating 50 years of Art this year and we are working tirelessly to bring inspiration, inclusion, economy and connection to Carbondale. Thanks to all who are part of it!

Amy Kimberly, Kellyn Wardell, Brian Colley, Staci Dickerson, Michael Stout and Sarah Overbeck

Carbondale Arts