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Letters – April 21, 2022

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Celebrate Earth Day

You are invited to join an Earth Day celebration in Carbondale on Friday, April 22, at 4:30 pm.

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Meet in the old City Market parking lot to learn about Xcel Energy, divestment and No Mow May.

Listen to or march with the Earth Day Band up the path to the Wells Fargo Bank. All ages are welcome. Dress in yellow, the color of the sun. Feel free to bring signs or come an hour early to make a sign with materials provided. 

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Let’s show up for the Earth and encourage those around us to help protect our beautiful planet. 

The future depends on what we do NOW.

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Wendy Draina


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To be clear, our parcel on Donegan is privately owned and will be developed. On May 3, voters in Glenwood Springs have two choices as to what happens to our property:

1. Vote No on B for a diverse residential project within the city, including affordable housing for Glenwood workers, open space and donated land for a new fire station.

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2. Vote Yes on B for our already approved commercial/warehouse complex in Garfield County.

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My family has owned this parcel for over 60 years, and our roots in the Valley go back well over a century. We have waited decades for the right family development team to build the right project on this land for our community. 480 Donegan will give the City substantial water rights, housing for people working in Glenwood and hopefully enable the redevelopment of the adjacent mall.  All of the city’s professional staff advocated for annexation because it is the appropriate project at exactly the right time.

All of the disinformation regarding this annexation is incredibly disappointing. Let’s not complicate the issue facing Glenwood Springs voters: Vote No on B for real affordable housing. If you need additional information, please visit 

Floyd Diemoz 

Glenwood Partnership, LLLP


Pat Milligan

In a recent disgusting, shameful corporate act smacking of tyranny, Aspen SkiCo has outrageously banned yet AGAIN a local institution for over three decades, fellow Irish American Pat Milligan. Why does neither Aspen paper consider it newsworthy? Why not ask billionaire artist, SkiCo Managing Director Paula Crown for a comment? #FreePatMilligan

Lee Mulcahy 

Kyiv, Ukraine

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