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Letters – April 20, 2023

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Protect the Crystal
I am encouraged to see that Gunnison and Pitkin counties, the Town of Marble and the River District are convening a stakeholder process that will look at permanent protection for the Crystal River. Interested and impacted citizens can now participate in the process to accomplish this, starting with a kickoff meeting in the Marble firehouse on Thursday, April 27 at 5pm. I’ve been a longtime supporter of a Wild and Scenic designation for the Crystal and see that as our best chance for keeping the river as it is — free-flowing, undammed and with no out-of-drainage diversions. I’ve spoken with Crystal Valley residents over the years, many of whom support a Wild and Scenic designation for the Crystal, and some who have questions about what that would mean for their property, their water or their future. One thing is clear: we all love the Crystal River and want to keep it as it is. 

It’s going to take all of us coming together to listen to each other’s concerns and questions, and seek answers together. The upcoming collaborative process being led by our local communities will be an opportunity for us to listen to each other and learn how we can work together for the benefit of the Crystal River and future generations. I spent my earlier years roaming the Fryingpan valley and I’ve seen all too well what can happen to a river if there isn’t a community organized and united against out-of-basin diversions and river-wide dams. Protecting the Crystal River from dams and out-of-valley diversions is not only important for our generation but for generations decades into the future, where the demands for water will continue to intensify. 

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Chuck Downey, Redstone

A story from Wick
Many KDNK staff recollections were recorded in the station’s newsletter through the years. Here is a story from the late Wick Moses, KDNK’s first station manager, and early supporter and organizer. “One of my most vivid memories of the early days on the air involved the antenna, as the antenna company sent us an antenna that was designed to work in a very dry climate. The spring of 1983 was extremely wet. We discovered that when it rained, the antenna reflected back into the transmitter, so whenever it looked like weather was coming, I would climb up the tower with garbage bags and put them over the elements. I did this one time when there was a lightning storm headed our way. That’s how I got my permanently curly hair. The antenna company sent us new elements, although we did manage to fry the transmitter, which then had to go back to the factory. We operated off the exciter (10 watts) while the transmitter was fixed.”

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Lynn “Jake” Burton, Carbondale

Crown vote
Many citizens in the Crown Mountain Recreation District have received in the mail a ballot for the upcoming election for Board of Directors. As the current president of the board, I would ask for your support in voting for me for another term. I would like to continue my work on the board to complete the Master Plan that is currently in process. We have many great opportunities to enhance the size of the park, and I am always available to visit with anyone regarding future plans and visions.

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Most importantly, mail your ballot to the Edwards address or bring the ballot personally to the Crown Mountain Clubhouse on election day, May 2, from 7am to 7pm. If you did not receive a ballot and reside in the boundaries, please come vote on May 2.

Thank you for your support and vote.

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Leroy Duroux, Basalt

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