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LadyBosses take on the entrepreneurial roller coaster

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Lindsay Gurley knows just as well as anyone what it is like to ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

For the past 10 years, Gurley has been her own boss, but it has not always been easy. Even though her work as an intimate relationship and adventure-based life coach was fulfilling, Gurley often found her thoughts fluctuating between the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. 

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It was when Gurley reached out to two trusted girlfriends to talk about her own professional challenges that she realized there might be other women in the valley struggling as solo entrepreneurs.

Thus the LadyBoss Collective was born.

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The LadyBoss Collective (LBC) is a network of women founders and entrepreneurs with a mutual desire to “elevate their purpose, impact, and income” through connection and soulful interactions. 

Open to all female-identifying entrepreneurs, the LBC helps individuals either launch their own business or take their already thriving business to the next level by relying on a deep-rooted network of dynamic women.

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“It is so easy to stop believing in yourself when you’re an entrepreneur,” Gurley said. “When you have a community to reach into incredible things can happen. We create new beliefs and break down old barriers so that you can get out of your own way to see that there are an infinite amount of possibilities.”

Specializing in confidence development, Gurley has helped LadyBosses both locally and internationally break-free from the nagging self-doubt that has kept them from moving forward in their business ventures.

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Within the LadyBoss Collective, women are able to connect and grow through virtual and in-person meet-and-greets, outdoor retreats, leadership training, continuing education, and the MasterCircle.

The MasterCircle is a nine-week program — eight weeks of sessions with one week off — in which women dive deep into the soul of their business ventures. Here, the LadyBosses discover their own personal and professional boundaries, speak to their inner critics, and build their “strong voices” by supporting one another.

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At the start of the program, Gurley said the women gather together in community, share wine, nourishing food, and hot tea while establishing rules of engagement.* With the ritual in place, the women have set their intentions with each other, and most importantly: themselves. 

Each week, the women use breathwork, meditation, and small group discussions to focus on diverse topics prompted by Gurley to create tangible measures that propel their entrepreneurial goals.

“I am a very action-oriented person,” Gurley said. “The MasterCircle has concrete action steps for real movement forward. Each person is paired with an accountability buddy to lean on, and there is about two to three hours of homework every week.”

While the MasterCircle is not a crash course on how to run a business, Gurley said potential topics will include mission and vision development, establishing income goals, business leadership training, and rediscovering one’s passion and creativity in business.

Upon completion, MasterCircle alumni not only leave with a clear-cut business plan and the confidence to enact it, but they are given an extensive network of women to lean on when the entrepreneurial roller coaster becomes difficult to manage.

With just a few programs completed, the LBC already boasts an impressive list of MasterCircle alumni. Connecting digital designers, nutritional therapists, functional movement therapists, inventors, real estate brokers, and more the LBC has a wealth of community knowledge.

A private Facebook group keeps the alumni connected and offers additional coaching and educational opportunities provided by Gurley.

“There are so many inspiring women out there, and there is so much power in a community,” Gurley said. “When you have a group, it is like the scaffolding that holds your vision and keeps you moving forward.”

For Gurley, nothing is more important than continuing to support and uplift the women she collaborates with. Currently, she is planning for monthly LBC meet-ups and hopes to see LBC chapters pop up across the United States.

“These women are my long term investment. I want to make an impact by helping others make an impact,” Gurley said. “It really does warm my soul to see how badass these women are.”

With the onset of COVID-19, Gurley has decided to host the upcoming MasterCircle workshop virtually through Zoom. It will be similar to the in-person experience — full of break out sessions, personal check-ins, and rituals —  just now from the comfort of your own home while following CDC protocol.

The deadline to apply for the upcoming LadyBoss Collective MasterCircle is April 1. Accepted applicants will meet every Wednesday on Zoom from April 8 through June 3. Visit to learn more. 

What are you waiting for? The time to invest in yourself is now!

*In light of COVID-19 future LadyBoss Collective programs will be run virtually until further notice.

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