Friday morning 8 to 10 a.m. KDNK DJ host April Spaulding (Ape on the Dink) takes the stage in her fancy thrift shop duds. Photo by James Steindler

“If you don’t go to prom, you’ll miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.” Does anyone remember their parents saying that? Well, KDNK has proved them wrong by providing that unexpected second chance.

KDNK members and nonmembers alike converged at The Arts Campus at Willits on Saturday, May 8, for the beloved local radio station’s inaugural Thrift Shop Prom fundraiser. KDNK hopes to carry on the event as an annual tradition.

Upon walking in, at least for early arrivals, the scene did resemble a typical high school prom with everyone awkwardly standing around and conversing on the edge of the dance floor. Before long, however, the crowd was moving and a-grooving.