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There’s a group of vivacious women, but any blokes are welcome too, who gather once a month at various locations in the Valley. They laugh a whole lot together and are as tight as a flat stitch. Why, it’s the Roaring Fork Quilt Guild (RFQG). 

When this reporter visited the RFQG during its February meeting, he was treated to good food (homemade by guild-member Annette Alderson), great company and the wonders of quilting. 

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Joni Goodwin became president of the guild about a year ago, when no one else raised their hand to do so, she claimed. She has sewn for years but only recently finished making her first quilt — a beauty, and a true feat.  

There once was a guild in Glenwood Springs, separate from Carbondale’s. But, about 10 years ago, the two merged, according to one member, Mary Tencza. “We realized most of us were already going to both,” she chuckled.   

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“What people in the non-quilting community don’t know is the mind-power of quilting,” Tencza told The Sopris Sun. “There are tons of us, I mean millions of quilters.” 

“We’re so connected with threads and in other ways,” added another member, Stephanie Askew. “And, we’re nice to each other too,” she grinned.  

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Not only is their bond between one another strong, but the work these ladies do for the community knows no bounds. 

For instance, when a group of women military veterans went on a “Huts for Vets” trip last winter, the seamstresses sewed each of the former service women a quilt. When the guild members later learned that the 10th Mountain Division hut did indeed have pillows, but sans pillow cases, the guild decided to take it upon themselves to make sure each pillow would be paired with a case. 

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These women also look out for their neighbors. During the February meeting, the hospitality committee reminded members that if they know of anyone who is held up at home and in need of a visitor to let them know. 

During any given meeting, there’ll be show and tell, there’ll be a raffle and there’s always just a whole lot of fun to be had with the RFQG. 

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Denise Vetromile stands with one of her quilts that is currently on display at the Basalt Library. Photo by James Steindler

‘Viewing Valley Quilts’

Do you know that March is National Quilting Month? For that reason, the Basalt Library is currently displaying quilts provided by the guild — from traditional to contemporary designs. 

On March 12, the community is invited to the “Viewing Valley Quilts” event, from 1 to 4pm at the library, to celebrate and see quilts with eye-popping colors in all sorts of different patterns and sizes, along with their makers.

The organizer for the March 12 event, Janice Duroux, encourages people outside of the guild to bring their own quilting projects as well. It’s an opportunity not just to see amazing quilts, but to mingle with fellow community members — quilters and laypeople — and pick each others’ brains about stitching and such. 

Come for the cookies, stay for the view — and lots of laughs, which there are sure to be plenty of with this crew — and leave with a new or renewed appreciation for the power of quilting. 

For more information about the RFQG, and to follow their journey and perhaps become a member, search “Roaring Fork Quilt Guild” on Facebook. To browse some of their lovely quilt projects, visit

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