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Is virtual exercise the wave of the future?

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With all this time at home people could — sooner or later — succumb to stir craziness. But have no fear, there are ways to diminish the insanity. 

One effective antidote is exercise. However, gym goers themselves currently comprise their own category of panic. 

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“What am I going to do to get in my reps, bro?” some have surely wondered. 

Well gals and guys, it’s time to get virtual, and if not that then  at least creative — which should not be a problem, afterall we are Carbondalians. 

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So get out those short shorts and crop tops and into your groove like no one is watching… or at least not from the same room. Let’s tighten up those sneakers and homeout! 

Whether you like to get your pump on alone or with company there are options. 

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Yes, group workouts are still on the table. Valley resident Kellee Morris has been attending classes more than ever before — via the interweb. Morris says she is,  “finding that the online groups are bigger than the classes were.” Apparently there are virtually (pun intended) no excuses to miss cyber exercise class. 

A plethora of fitness forms are offered online. Morris herself participates in two to three groups a day from pilates to yoga and more. 

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Morris runs her own yoga business, Kellee Morris Health and Yoga LLC, but is currently teaching virtual classes for The Ivy Standard Yoga Institute based out of Salt Lake City. The classes are provided “gratis” but people are asked to donate what they can. 

“This is global,” Morris states. 

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In fact she gets to attend her favorite pilates class hosted in Wales, UK. The catch is that the class begins at 9:30 in the morning in Wales, so that’s 2:30 in the morning here in the Valley. It’s very much worth it to Morris. She loves the instructor, Marc Greco, who she says is an “ex-aerobic champion” and that he “just sits and insults us the whole way through class in a way that you just laugh your head off.”

It should have been mentioned that Morris herself is from the UK and her mum currently lives in Wales. 

Many local businesses are adapting to the online platform as well. The Carbondale Rec Center, along with several other fitness companies, is offering virtual classes. So check and see if your usual gym is doing the same. 

“What makes it so delightful is seeing people working out and their dog comes and ambushes them and the kids are there,” Morris reiterates, that there are “a lot of laughs.” 

Morris points out that these cyber fitness groups provide community for people stuck in their homes.  For instance, White Horse Yoga in Carbondale is hosting a “Yoga Social Talent Show” Friday nights from 7:30 to 8:30 via Zoom. Morris says, “anybody can call in on the Zoom meeting and we’ve got our cocktails and people do silly dog tricks and partner yoga and they sing and they dance.” She added that the class in Wales is also meeting for a virtual dinner party. 

Morris wants to emphasize that “Instructors, I think because of the time we’re in, are at their best.” According to Morris, some local businesses such as Tac Fitness are providing stress relief and finance classes as well. 

Morris has “a feeling this is going to bring about a change in how we do this in the future,” and that the online presence will likely last. 

Author’s note for those who may still be antisocial:

Perhaps the virtual world is not your thing, or you like working out alone. Well then you best get creative. Hey, I’m not judging — just aboard the same boat. 

For cardio get out and hike your buns off and remember to social distance even outdoors. 

If you’re a bodybuilder, find things to lift around the house: books, rocks from the back yard or small children would do. 

I myself have resorted to lifting sandbags, which typically serve the purpose of weighting one’s truck, and a rock bar (see photo for visual). Hang in there meat heads and just remember to pick-up, set-down and repeat. 

Whatever you do, do it safely.

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