Flashy fits and bluebird skies make Hoohah’s girls’ trips a rowdy good time. You can catch Hoohah’s retro styles on the slopes this winter and on the runway at the Denver Fashion Week’s Fall 2022 show on Nov. 17. Courtesy Photo

Skiwear takes on a whole new look as Hoohah’s vibrant and beautiful line of vintage styles hits the slopes, and the runways, this season.

Founded by Anna Tedström of Vail, Hoohah is a women’s outdoor apparel company on a mission to add fun and flair to your next adventure. The retro, handmade styles range from daily wear to skiwear, and can appeal to a wide variety of people because of their eclectic details and tailored fits.

“They’re one-of-a-kind, which I think is fun. They’re all unique, and each piece has its own story and its own look,” Tedström said. “I try to design around the original look, and not change it too much. I try to exaggerate or shift it a little bit, but I really like that each piece is super unique.”

Using bold and bright block-color styles, Hoohah’s ready-to-wear garments stand out. Warm fleece mock-neck sweatshirts and matching joggers, fleece bra tops and boxers and up-cycled t-shirts featuring the company’s slogan, “Love your Hoohah”, are carefully designed for indoor and outdoor comfort. Accessories like daisy-covered bucket hats and pastel scrunchies complete the looks.

Most notably, Tedström, an avid skier, has created a stunning ski line that features ‘70s-inspired ski bibs tastefully embellished with daisies, western-themed ski jackets and custom-designed, David Bowie inspired Roffe jackets embezzled with stars, rhinestones and lightning bolts. The line also includes quilted puffer vests and jackets with homemade Daisy Patch appliqués. (Provigil)

Many of the pieces are also water resistant, and some, like the Daisy Ski Coat, include a powder skirt and deep snack pockets.

The bonus? Since the clothes are vintage, they also have a low carbon footprint.

“I really like the idea that we’re sa

ving it from the landfill, and extending the life of the garment,” Tedström said. “We’re not always creating something new, instead we’re using something that already exists and giving it a new life. Skiwear is made with a lot of man-made materials, so it isn’t going to decompose very quickly.”

A lifelong maker, Tedström’s mother taught her how to sew and helped ignite her passion for creating. From rudimentary cardboard and duct tape projects to elaborate Halloween costumes and tailoring her own clothing, Tedström was hooked.

She enrolled in Parsons School of Design in New York City where she studied product design and social practice. While she enjoyed learning about furniture production and outdoor product development, Tedström said that fashion design stole her heart.

“I was surrounded by all these people on the street that wore these incredible outfits. New York is such an inspiring city,” she said. “I eventually came up with the idea to start my own ski brand.”

After working her way into the industry, Tedström soon found herself at home during the pandemic wondering about her next move.

“I had a lot more free time on my hands, so I started doing my own projects,” she said. “I was taking vintage ski suits and fixing zippers or tailoring them to fit me better […] and then I started adding decorative patches to cover old stains, or patch over holes. Then I thought I could put more fun stuff on them like flowers and ruffles!”

On the slopes, her handmade apparel started receiving compliments and even requests for custom designs. Eventually, with some encouragement from her husband, Chris, Tedström realized it was time to bring Hoohah to life.

With the support of her community and local businesses, Tedström created her line, participated in pop-ups and, on Aug. 20, 2022, her styles hit the runway at Denver Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer Challenge.

It was there that Hoohah received the most votes and won the People’s Choice Award, thus earning a spot at Denver Fashion Week’s Fall 2022 show on Nov. 17.

For Tedström, Hoohah’s mission is simple: to create inclusive outdoor experiences where everyone can have a good time. She hopes their mission can remove the intensity and competitive barriers that sometimes coincide with skiing, and instead make it about having fun with friends.

“It doesn’t matter how fast we’re going or how many runs we do, it’s about getting out there and chatting, laughing and dancing — and just having fun,” Tedström said.

Hoohah’s Kickstarter campaign will be launched later this season and can be found at: www.kickstarter.com/profile/hoohah-us

To shop the latest styles, visit: www.hoohah-us.com

Tickets for Denver Fashion Week are available at: www.bit.ly/DVRFashion22