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Here to There offers tailored care for elders

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Heather Craven is well known in the Roaring Fork Valley. Born and raised here, she returned to with her partner, Matt Creer, more than 20 years ago. She now owns and operates a homecare service focused on enriching the lives of clients, some of whom have been family friends for decades, while assisting with basic at-home needs. The company started in 2018, though Craven previously did this work as an independent contractor.

Here to There, a name derived from Dr. Seuss’ “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” now assists people recovering from an operation — working often with referrals from The Steadman Clinic — plus short-term companion care seekers, palliative care patients and persons nearing the end of their life. Most of the clients are in their later years, but it’s not uncommon for Here to There to work with young people, including children.

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“I’ve taken care of people my whole life, that’s lovely in any capacity,” Craven told The Sopris Sun. Her service area encompasses Eagle, Pitkin and Garfield counties, though clients reside primarily between Glenwood Springs and Aspen. Here to There works in concert with other home care and assisted living services in the Valley to meet the high demand. “Everyone’s got something amazing to offer,” she said.

As far as its offerings, Here to There operates with creative programming, incorporating animals for therapy, field trips and even virtual reality (VR) to enhance the daily experiences of homebound persons. It is a family business, incorporating Craven’s daughter and two sons to help with the marketing, digital presence, VR and other aspects.

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“Heather has always been looking for ways to improve their lives, even if they only have three months left, that’s important,” said Creer, who also helps with the company. “It’s horrid sitting in a room, isolated and lonely.”

Here to There currently uses Oculus Quest 2 headsets developed by Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook, Inc.) to broaden opportunities for their clientele. “For seniors, virtual reality is becoming more and more popular in three main areas,” said Creer. He described these as: reminiscence, revisiting nostalgic places and experiences; recreation, enjoying new or familiar games and activities to keep the mind sharp; and distraction, taking the mind away from anxiety or pain through art and entertainment. VR also affords elders the opportunity to interact with loved ones despite geographic distances by meeting in a virtual room.

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“We’re trying to do things a little different as far as quality of care,” he continued, “and VR is just another tool in that overall philosophy.”

They also place emphasis on practical balance exercises. “A fall can change somebody’s life significantly as you age,” Craven chimed in. They are currently looking into certifications for programs that match our active community.

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“I love where we are,” she continued. “I love that we get to really know our clients and our families and I would like to just continue to do that, to sustain it.” She values the intimate and personal approach they are able to offer. Here to There can also help clients explore end-of-life options that are available legally in Colorado. “We believe it’s their journey and we’re there to support them in any way we can,” she said about clients facing a terminal illness.

“Our American society hasn’t exactly embraced the golden years like other cultures,” Craven said. “Something that I see and I learn more and more about every day is, it’s a beautiful and rich time; it doesn’t have to be shunned or sad.” She especially enjoys hearing stories from elder clients. “You get to be 70, 80, you’ve had a big life.”

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You can learn more about Here to There’s services and philosophy at

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