It looks as if these cows are expecting a treat, or perhaps a trick, from this cattle dog, who greeted them as they arrived home to their winter pasture on Oct. 20. Photos and text by Jane Bachrach

On Oct. 20, the Nieslanik family, friends, horses and dogs moooved their cattle through the roundabout and over Colorado Avenue, which has always been a treat for the Carbondale community. As always, when they heard the “mooing,” residents and workers poured out of their homes and offices to enjoy the bi-annual event which brings them a taste of the past. There were a few stuck in traffic who didn’t appreciate the delay, and someone complained about a piece of cow manure on their new car. As the years go on, the drive takes more time because the riders and cows have to dodge more buildings and vehicles — which have to wait for them to pass. Clockwise from top: Moving along, managing four-legged traffic on Highway 133, horsing around, taking a break, Matt Nieslanik and his horse share a moment. Photos and text by Jane Bachrach

Heading home.

Passing up coffee and gasoline.

Horsing around and taking a break. 

Matt Nieslanik and his horse share a moment.