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Grovestock — a Down Valley Treasure

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“Grovestock is the only overnight, camping music and art festival in the Roaring Fork Valley where local talent shines,” commented organizer Kat Hardy. The festival began on public lands deep in the woods in 2019 and has evolved into a community celebration of arts, music and movement hosted at Sunlight Mountain Resort. According to Hardy, the festival will take on an entirely new set up next year, with different zones and offerings catering to both families and the late night scene. Tickets sold out this year, so be sure to keep an eye out early at
Update: Tickets did not sell out. There were still plenty to go around. All the same, the community is encouraged to get ahead of supporting this new local event early next year, and all throughout.
Photos by Dale Mitchell,
Prismagick Pyramid created by Nico Heins with art assistants Lauren O’Neil, Katie Dyal, Joey Staron, Dustin Eli, Tanelle, Michelle Brandon:
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