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Food for thought: Your 2022 CSA Guide

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There are few greater food experiences than opening your front door on a warm summer morning to a bright and colorful box of locally grown or sourced food items. Now, with the arrival of spring, this delight can be yours. The 2022/23 community-supported agriculture (CSA) cycle is beginning and we’ve got a guide to get you started.

A cherished springtime tradition in the Roaring Fork Valley, CSAs offer residents the opportunity to become members of a farm by purchasing small shares of the farmer’s goods. By signing-up for a CSA, members not only receive a beautiful box of produce, meat, eggs or mushrooms, and more. They also support the local economy, resilient agriculture, the land we love and their own bodies with nutrient-dense foods. 

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Additionally, CSAs are a great way to get to know farmers directly, as many will personally deliver the food, or invite members to visit the farm to pick-up their items.

Check out page 13 for a small compilation of CSAs available in the Roaring Fork Valley. If we have missed any, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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CSAs fill up fast, so it’s best to sign-up early! If your chosen CSA is full, you can ask to be put on a waitlist or save this guide for next year; and if cost is a concern, please speak with the farmers directly, since many of them offer sliding scales and payment plans.


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Specialty CSA

Speciality, single-source farms

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Who: Dooley Creek Farm, LLC | Carbondale

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Schedule: First week of the month starting in August for one year

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Pricing: Small ($1,565) and family ($3,095) share sizes

Delivery: Monthly doorstep delivery within a 50-mile radius, and an option for farm pick-up

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Farming practices: Regenerative and organic

Offerings: Frozen cut meats that include chicken, beef and pork — see website for specific meat portions

Add-on: Eggs


Fast Food Fact: The Valley’s only local meat CSA


Who: Toadstool Traditions LLC | Carbondale

Delivery: Pick-up at Craft and the Launchpad in Carbondale

Farming practices: Organic

Offerings: Lion’s Mane and Oyster Mushrooms are available in three share options: half-pound, one-pound and two-pounds

Sign-up: Contact Mateo:

Fast Food Fact: Growing rare, out-of-season gourmet and functional mushrooms


Photo by Will Sardinsky


Single-source CSA


Who: Juniper Farm |Old Snowmass


Schedule: Mid-June through September

Pricing: $640 for full CSA ($725 with delivery); or $220 for only flowers, from July through September

Farming practices:

Offerings: Full share with organic produce and a weekly flower bouquet

Delivery method: Delivers weekly to homes in Carbondale and other locations in the Roaring Fork Valley


Fast Food Fact: This small farm is woman-owned and woman-operated on Pitkin County Open Space land just outside of Basalt


Who: Two Roots Farm | Basalt


Schedule: May through September

Pricing: $995 for the entire season, or $585 for every other week

Farming practices: Regenerative

Offerings: Typical boxes have about 10 items that include greens, root vegetables, alliums, seasonal treats, herbs and fresh snacks

Add-ons: U-pick flowers, local farm fresh eggs, pasture-raised local meats, prepared food products using Two Roots Farm produce (e.g. salad dressings) and local, organic fruit

Delivery method: Weekly or bimonthly farm pick-up


Fast Food Fact: Two Roots Farm has partnered with local food banks, Lift-Up, Pitkin and Eagle Health and Human Services, Pitkin County Senior Center, Safe and Abundant Nutrition Alliance and individual local families, according to owner Harper Kaufman


Who: Peach Valley CSA Farm | Silt


Schedule: June through October

Pricing: Several options available on their website

Delivery: Weekly doorstep delivery with the option for farm pick-up

Farming practice: Biodynamic

Offerings: Each share box includes an extensive array of root vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, main vegetables and seasonal fruits

Add-ons: Honey, heirloom turkeys and flower bouquets


Fast Food Fact: A small mom-and-pop farm, Peach Valley is beginning their 32nd year of CSA share. 


Who: Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) at Rock Bottom Ranch | Basalt


Schedule: June through September

Pricing: $650 for 18 weeks

Delivery: Weekly farm pick-up

Farming practices: Regenerative

Offerings: Every share includes six to nine “backbone crops” (e.g. greens) and seasonal rotation crops (e.g. broccoli); the last share of the season includes fall storage crops (e.g. onions, potatoes, and winter squash)


Fast Food Fact: One of ACES’ three education centers in the valley


Who: Seed Peace / Wild Mountain Seeds | Carbondale /

Schedule: June through October

Pricing: $30 per week

Delivery: Pick-up at local farm stands with locations TBD.

Farming practices: Regenerative

Offerings: A sample box includes pint of cherry tomatoes, bunch of carrots, two onions, one cucumber, a half-pound of lettuce, chard or kale and a small bag of basil

Sign-up: Contact:

Fast Food Fact: Seed Peace offers many beautiful farm-original vegetables grown from their own seeds


Who: Borden Farms, LLC | Delta


Schedule: Mid-June through September

Pricing: $550 for 16 weeks

Delivery: Weekly deliveries to Aspen, Carbondale, Edwards, Crested Butte, Ridgway and Telluride, with pick-up locations at farmer’s markets

Farming practices: USDA Certified Organic

Offerings: Seasonal produce that includes herbs, fruit and vegetables (e.g. heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, beans, melons and more); juicy peaches are available in August, and roasted chilis in the fall


Fast Food Fact: A family farm that has been providing fresh, locally grown produce to the Western Slope for over 27 years, according to farmers Guy and Lynn Borden


Who: Sustainable Settings | Carbondale

Schedule: Early June through mid-September

Pricing: $800 for 16 weeks

Delivery: Weekly farm pick-up

Farming practices: Biodynamic and organic

Offerings: Eight to 10 seasonal items each week

Sign-up: Contact:

Fast Food Fact: Co-founder Rose LeVan said, “Supporting any one of the amazing farms from Aspen to Rifle is supporting your local food shed; they are all doing good work! Pick one and join today!”


Multi-sourced CSA

Food distribution CSA provides goods from a variety of farms


Who: Farm Runners

Schedule: June 7 through Oct. 18

Pricing: Full size ($850), half share ($500), flex share ($50 per week) and a full share with an egg add-on ($1000) for 20 weeks

Delivery: Weekly doorstep deliveries in the RFV and Gunnison Valley

Offerings: All shares include rotating items of fruit, vegetables, and the occasional good (e.g. juice, canned produce.); full shares include eight to 12 rotating items, and half shares are four to six items

Add-ons: Eggs


Fast Food Fact: A weekly newsletter is included to showcase farmers, recipes, and storage information


Who: Happy Belly CSA | Hotchkiss


Schedule: Mid-June through October

Pricing: Regular share ($44/week) and a family share ($62/week) for 16 weeks; delivery is added on at the end

Delivery: Weekly deliveries with pick-up in Montrose and the Roaring Fork Valley

Farming practice: Organic and holistic

Offerings: A regular share contains around seven vegetable varieties, whereas a family share contains up to nine varieties; both shares include fruit

Add-ons: Eggs and a weekly flower share starting soon


Fast Food Fact:  Working closely with several local farmers, in addition to her own farm, Blue Tractor Farms, owner Carin Frantz said, “We thread together a holistic, multi-farm experience, and provide weekly menus and recipes delivered to your inbox. You’ll never be left wondering how to use your produce each week.”

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