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Fielder for 4B

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Dear Editor:

I support Colorado Mountain College’s Measure 4B. The results of the November, 2016 elections were influenced by working class Americans who feel left behind by our modern economy. Colorado Mountain College is the perfect antidote. It educates and trains the young and not so young who seek entrance into Colorado’s unique recreation-based economy.

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CMC is the primary provider of police officers, firefighters, nurses, early childhood educators, and hospitality workers in our mountain communities, and it is affordable. CMC maintains the lowest tuition rates in the state and has the 3rd most affordable bachelor’s degree programs in the nation.

CMC provides free college courses to more than 1,200 high school students in our mountain communities. It offers each in-district graduating high school senior automatic admission and a scholarship to go with it.

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By voting YES for 4B on November 7, you will feed more workers into Colorado’s $35 billion recreation economy that employs over 300,000 people. A recreation-based economy inherently protects the reasons why we choose to live and work in Colorado: blue skies, clean air, clean water, open space, parks national/state/local, wilderness, trails, free-flowing rivers, and ranches that will never be developed!

John Fielder

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Summit County

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