Sam Goff is among 11 trainees in Colorado Mountain College's firefighting program, learning to tame the flames. Photo by Jane Bachrach

Eleven students and trainees in Colorado Mountain College’s Firefighter 1 program completed the practical skills portion of their firefighting classes on Saturday, Nov. 12. This was the first training class held at the recently completed training center located in Carbondale next to the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District building.

According to Training Division Captain Brandon Deter, there are two main skills taught in the practical skills training. The first is “donning and doffing,” or putting on and removing personal protective equipment. Trainees are timed and must be able to “suit up” within two minutes.

The other major skill is live fire attack, which involves entering a burning structure, ladder training, advancing hose lines, etc.

Next, trainees will begin their hazmat training on Saturday to complete the course on Dec. 9.

Sam Goff dons his jacket. 

Trainees Ivano Del Piccolo and Hunter Holz suit up!
 Lieutenant Hostetler and Captain Deter share the spirit.

Ivano Del Piccolo learns live fire attack.

Ivano Del Piccolo and Hunter Hotz train with proctor Robert Fields.

John Murray hoists a saw.

John Murray hoists a saw.