TAC owner Amanda Wagner opened the new EPIC Performance Center on May 10. Photo by Will Sardinsky.

By Betina Infante

The Aspen Clinic (TAC) expands its offer with a new, 2,400 square-foot EPIC Performance Center, which opened on May 10 in Orchard Plaza, next to RJ Paddywacks Pet Outfitter and Jaffa Middle Eastern Kitchen. The EPIC (endurance, performance, intensity & coaching) Performance Center will offer individualized, small group training sessions, plus one-on-one personal training focused on building functional strength by using kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, battle ropes, resistance band tubing and body weight movements and exercises that help people perform everyday activities more easily. 

“The intent of the EPIC performance center is to offer group training sessions that complement your sport or lifestyle activity and improve stability, mobility and flexibility.” TAC owner Amanda Wagner told The Sopris Sun. “The program will be different every day so that daily customers can rotate through different workouts during the week. It’s going to challenge you – instead of doing pull-ups on a bar, for example, you will do them on rings. We will also offer personal training. In fact, our Epic Mama class, taking place now, is helping athletic women that have just had babies regain their core strength before they join our epic training classes.”

Unlike the large format classes offered at TAC Fitness, such as TRX, body pump and spinning classes, the performance center classes, initially launched in TAC’s 800 square-foot basement, involve groups of six to 12 people working through specialized programming with exclusive coaches. The idea stemmed from Wagner’s personal desire to exercise with friends who push her to strive and challenge herself. Working out alone, she described, can quickly become stale. As a competitive mountain biker, Wagner saw the positive difference in her own biking technique after starting functional strength/performance training, yet she’s even more passionate about the strengths and benefits derived from working out within small groups. 

The EPIC training program has a loyal following because of its personalized, studio feel, and was one reason that TAC was able to successfully navigate COVID-related economic challenges. According to Wagner, TAC saw a significant increase in business in 2019. The fitness boom continued right through the beginning of 2020. Unfortunately, by March, TAC was forced to close its doors and swiftly shift to virtual classes, which TAC now offers regularly as an added benefit for members that travel or simply can’t always get to the gym. TAC retained a loyal customer base throughout 2020 and is now working to make a stronger comeback than ever with the new Epic Performance Center, and by continuing to deliver exceptional customer experience. “I try to ensure my team consistently finds a way to say YES,” added Wagner.

Wagner has been looking for a space to expand into for two years, and views the new location at Orchard Plaza as a way to attract greater visibility given the foot traffic associated with Orchard Plaza and City Market. “Just during the building process, we have had at least 10 people walk in and purchase memberships,” says Wagner.

What’s next? Wagner wants TAC to be part of community fitness in the mid-valley by working creatively with partners, like Crown Mountain Park, on community health offers and potentially a community sports complex. TAC’s motto is “making the community healthier, stronger and better,” and Wagner ultimately wants to ensure fitness and wellness programs are accessible to all members of the community.