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CodaPet offers in-home pet euthanasia services

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By Jackie Ramirez
Sopris Sun Intern

This summer, CodaPet began serving the Carbondale community by providing in-home pet euthanasia services, administered by a network of veterinarians who share a commitment to giving compassionate support to pet owners and their beloved companions.

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Most pets are taken to the vet to be euthanized, which can create more stress on an animal already in a painful and weakened state. CodaPet offers peaceful passings for pets, big or small, allowing them to spend their last moments with their loved ones and in their own homes.

“First of all, the name. People are like, ‘Where did you get the name?’ So, a coda is like the musical end to a ballad,” Dr. Karen Whala, the co-founder of CodaPet, explained to The Sopris Sun. “I feel like that’s a good explanation for a beautiful end to a pet’s life with their family.”

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During the challenging time when a pet is nearing the end, CodaPet works closely with the owners and the veterinarians involved in the pet’s life, to ensure a dignified and peaceful passing. During the decision process, pet owners and those close to the pet can access a quality of life questionnaire on CodaPet’s website or call CodaPet for a consultation. Once a pet owner feels comfortable moving forward with their decision to euthanize their pet, they can be helped by CodaPet.

“Choosing to euthanize is always a very difficult decision … So first and foremost, it’s important to remember that euthanasia means a good death,” said Dr. Alicia Nolfi, a veterinarian who works with CodaPet here in the Roaring Fork Valley. “This is something we can offer our pets at the end of their life to help relieve suffering, and it’s important to remember that we are not choosing that our pet is dying. We are choosing that our pet will have a peaceful passing at home.”

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“Most people don’t want their pet’s last memories to be scared and anxious while going to the vet hospital,” Whala added. “[In-home pet euthanization] is much more comfortable for the pet and for the pet owner as far as peacefulness. The pet owner has privacy and they can create whatever environment they wish for their pet to pass.”

So, pet owners have more liberty to choose where they get to say goodbye to their pets. Whether it’s on the critter’s favorite spot on the couch, under their favorite tree or in a candle-lit living room, regardless it’s in their home.

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In-home euthanization also takes away the stress of transportation for pets, especially if they are in pain. Plus, other pets or loved ones can be present to say goodbye.

Aftercare support can be just as important as when someone is making the decision to euthanize their pet. On CodaPet’s website, pet owners can find resources related to grief counselors, both local and national.

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“There are many ways in which we provide support to the pet owner after their loss,” Nolfi stated.

When coming into a home, Nolfi brings along a folder of information filled with pet loss support resources, including a list of service providers and printed information on coping strategies. Nolfi is also known to provide an anonymously written poem, one which families may find comfort in.

In-home pet euthanization provides closure to families, and a peaceful passing to a pet — which, in a way, can be a final gift for a beloved companion.

“There are a lot of meaningful aspects of providing this service, but one of the most meaningful is being able to bear witness to the intense and deep connection that exists between animals and humans,” Nolfi concluded. “The inspiration, love and growth which animals and humans derive from each other cannot be measured. I see that every time I visit a family and it’s extremely moving.”

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