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    OST solicits public opinions on Penny

    Legend has it, somewhere south of Carbondale, there exists a non-commercial hot spring, free and accessible at all hours except when the river swallows it in spring. Tenacious soakers then rearrange the stones to balance scalding hot water with the cold river to make comfortable pools. It’s no secret that… read more →

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    Letters - Aug. 25, 2022

    Re: Redstone incident
    I am a regular contributor to The Sopris Sun and also a resident of Redstone. I moved to the Redstone community last October and I find many of my encounters to be lovely and inclusive. I believe we have a wonderful communityread more →

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    Mature Content: Whose death is it, anyway? Part II

    By Ron Kokish

    Freedom means having options throughout our lives, including the time during which we are dying. Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) increases our options. Unfortunately, it was not yet legally available in the 1980s, when my friend Dorothy’s father, Michael, died of cancer; so, Michael had no legal… read more →

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    UPDATED: Redstone incident exposes local prejudice


    First, a clarification. The headline of last week’s article, “Redstone incident exposes local prejudice” was written by editor Raleigh Burleigh, not Gentrye Houghton. The intention was to highlight that prejudice is felt locally, and not only in Redstone as noted in the article. I realize nowread more →

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 18 de agosto, 2022

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Consejo de seguridad
    Al preparar su equipo de suministros, tome en cuenta artículos especiales que podría necesitar así como medicamento recetado, pañales infantiles, fórmula para bebé o suministros para sus mascotas. Otros artículos que podría tomar en cuenta pueden ser encontradosread more →

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    Basalsa is back!

    This year, the celebration is partnering with The Buddy Program for a family-friendly day of dance.

    “Bring your kids, bring your friends, bring your grandparents, bring mom and dad,” said Kathryn Sansone, The Buddy Program’s development director.

    The event was founded in 2008 to promote cultural diversity in Basalt. Photographer… read more →

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    ¡Basalsa está de regreso!

    Traducción por Claudia Pawl

    Este año, la celebración se asocia con el Buddy Program para lograr un día de baile familiar.

    “Traiga a sus hijos, traiga a sus amigos, traiga a sus abuelos, traiga a mamá y papá”, dijo Kathryn Sansone, directora de desarrolloread more →

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    ‘Carbondale es tuyo’

    First, an admission. Last week, The Sopris Sun printed the incorrect date for the town’s Spanish-outreach meeting both in English in our calendar and in Spanish in Chisme del Pueblo. Moreover, we will not have this article translated until next week. These shortcomings are unintentional and evidence of the work… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt & Calendar - Aug. 18, 2022

    Safety tip

    When building your go-kit, think about if there are any special items you may need such as prescription medication, infant diapers and formula or pet supplies. Other items to think about can be found at

    Penny Hot Springs

    Pitkin County is requesting public input on two… read more →

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    Letters - Aug. 18, 2022

    Chacos memorial

    The memorial for Chris and Terry Chacos was such a beautiful event filled with so many wonderful stories filled with love and laughter. It was a walk back to the years even before their lives in Carbondale began with the establishment of the Village Smithy. 

    Years of… read more →