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    Work in Progress - June 23, 2022

    The King of Panda Peak 

    By Nancy McAtavey

    “Honey, I’m home,” she called from the back door. “What have you been… oh, snap! You’ve got your ski boots on.” She set the shopping bag on the counter and reached for her cell phone. “I have to get a picture… read more →

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    Obituary: Alfred John Nemoff 

    1925 – April 25, 2022

    At the age of 96, Alfred John Nemoff passed away on April 25. Al is survived by his loving wife of 24 years, Shelley Burke, four children and four stepchildren and their larger families. Al was able to be at home and to say goodbye… read more →

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    Obituary: John Tripp

    July 18, 1919 – June 3, 2022

    Longtime Carbondale resident John Tripp passed on to a new place filled with old friends and loved ones on June 3 at the age of 102. John was born in Waterbury, Connecticut on July 28, 1919, where he lived until World War II… read more →

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    Focus narrows on Town Center properties

    Does Carbondale need a boutique hotel downtown? A parking garage? How about an enclosed space for a 3-4 season farmers market?

    While many details remain up in the air, Carbondale trustees are narrowing in on some of the fundamentals for how to proceed with the propertiesread more →

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    Chisme del Pueblo

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Festival Las Américas

    La celebración del Festival Las Américas del Club Rotario regresa a Sopris Park este sábado, 25 de junio, desde las 12 p.m. hasta las 8 p.m. El día incluirá actividades familiares, entretenimiento en vivo y varios vendedores de comida.


    Recuerda las… read more →

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    Carta a la Editora

    Queridos padres,

    Como adolscente que vive en una ciudad turística, me gustaría hablarles de los retos a los que nos enfrentamos los adolescentes. Sin embargo, antes de comenzar, quiero decirles que les tengo mucho aprecio. No puedo ni imaginarme todo lo que hacen “detrás del escenario” para que nuestras necesidades… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt & Calendar - June 23, 2022


    Remember the six P’s in case of an evacuation: (1) people and pets; (2) papers, phone numbers and important documents; (3) prescriptions, vitamins and eyeglasses; (4) pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia; (5) personal computer hard drive and disks; (6) “plastic” (credit cards, ATM cards) and cash.

    River reckoning

    On June… read more →

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    Letters - June 23, 2022

    What can we do?

    Plastic? In the 1940s, when I was growing up, there were very few plastics and we lived without them. Now, they make life easier, but we do pay a price. Plastics show up in our waterways and are found in sea life throughout the world. Plastic… read more →

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    Be a ‘weed’ warrior

    By Alex Menard

    Editor’s note: This article is a response to a letter to the editor published June 9.

    What is a weed? There are many ways to answer this question. A weed is a plant out of place. A weed is an unwanted visitor with undesirable features. A weed… read more →

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    Glenwood Garden Club gathers greenthumbs

    Since 1931, the Glenwood Garden Club has provided a space “to stimulate knowledge and love of gardening and aid in the protection of mature trees, plants and birds and encourage specific plantings,” according to its original mission. Today, its purpose remains much the same, Ann English, a formerread more →