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An interview with HD57 Dem. candidate Cole Buerger

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Cole Buerger is a fifth-generation Garfield County resident and small business owner who has lived not just in the district but around the globe. He discussed with The Sopris Sun the key issues of his campaign and the steps he plans to take for communities within HD57, should he be elected.

Buerger grew up in Silt on his family’s ranch and earned a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He has taken part in advocacy groups defending democracy near and far. He’s worked for “Get Out The Vote,” advocated for the rights of women, pushed mental health support and addressed economic development. He also has experience forming foreign and domestic partnerships. 

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His parents acted in leadership roles within the ranching community and his grandmother served as the mayor of Kremmling for many years. The key issues of his campaign are preserving our natural heritage (which includes protecting and preserving Colorado land and water), rebuilding communities, and strengthening our economy by protecting workers and supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. 

“I think that HD57 is an incredible district because it fully represents our region and economy,” stated Buerger. He praised the diversity and uniqueness of its community.

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“Growing up and watching my family’s experience made me very aware that it is not always easy to live here,” the candidate noted. He elaborated that his own parents nearly faced foreclosure at one point. 

Buerger was inspired to run for office after witnessing the events of Jan. 6, 2021, when hundreds of supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol.

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“I spent the early part of my career supporting democracy around the world,” Buerger explained. “I worked with civil society and political party groups, specifically in South Asia. I loved being able to talk about the power of self-government and representative government and the power of the American example. So, when that happened, it broke my heart.”  

Buerger believes in restoring trust in democracy, which means electing leaders to office who will work for everyday people. He stated that his hopes for HD57 includes ensuring all voices in the district are represented. 

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“When I look at what that means for HD57, I think it’s ensuring all voices are represented, have a seat at the table and have a representative that will show up and listen to the concerns of every resident.

In terms of rebuilding communities, he spoke about how affordable housing, wraparound healthcare and protecting families and the environment are essential in developing policy. 

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He spoke in favor of a proposed state affordable housing loan fund “which would enable communities to purchase land or build new affordable housing units and then pay those back over time — so it’s a renewable fund. A great idea! I would work really hard to support initiatives like that for housing affordability.” 

On the environmental front, Buerger wants to make sure that Colorado water is kept in Colorado basins. He referenced the Colorado River Compact and how discussions are underway to encourage state leaders to work with downstream states and find alternative water sources that don’t take away from Colorado. 

The candidate circled back to highlight that the defense of democracy is the issue he is most passionate about. 

“Attacking our very institutions of democracy would have been unthinkable ten years ago and now it is rampant and we have to pass policies that address that,” he stated. “We should have as many people participating in our democratic process as possible, but experience matters. (Valium) The ability to capture diverse voices and translate that into effective policy at the district and state levels is going to be hugely important,” he continued. 

“I think we have to expand participation and expand enfranchisement, rather than disenfranchise a majority of people in this district… That is very important to me,” he stated in reference to those who are registered as unaffiliated in the district. 

“This district is where I grew up. It’s in my blood. It’s made me who I am. Like all of you, I love our communities all across Garfield County and across our district.” Buerger stated during the Democratic caucus. 

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