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A civil debate

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Dear Editor:

As I write this missive, I am looking at the front cover of this week’s issue of The Sopris Sun (Sept. 26).

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As I ponder what was written on the sign I am trying to discern what message is being sent. I realize that “Climate Control” is a sensitive issue and there are many voices on other sides of the debate. Some say that the issue is “settled science.” I think that it is good to remember that nothing is settled science just because one of our politicians says it is.

What concerns me more than anything is the possibility of being threatened or bullied. It appears that the idea of dialogue is disappearing from our society. How else are we going to learn about each other if we don’t listen as well as speak. When you listen you have a chance to learn, when you speak you get to share what you think you know. Speaking and listening are equally important in healthy dialogue.

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I would love to have a discussion with the person holding the sign. Perhaps we would end up agreeing to disagree, but at least we would avoid the violence.

Jim DeBerge
Carbondale Resident

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