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Helmeted man saves osprey

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Contribution by Shelly Merriam

Red bailing twine, commonly used by adult osprey for their nests, can become a source of death by entanglement. Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) arranges its removal annually from the nest on their campus monitored by a camera for the students’ science education. Last week, Earth-Wise Horticulture donated services, sending this brave man in a a cherry picker to pull free the bailing twine, ducking dive-bombs by the osprey couple as he worked.
Last year, a young hatchling died on camera in the nest from entanglement. The parents tried to release him to no avail. His siblings cuddled with him, until the parents moved the dead bird to the edge of the nest.
Ranchers and farmers are encouraged to pick up bailing twine from their fields to help with the survival of our local osprey population.
To view the “CRMS Osprey Cam” check out
The osprey couple is expected to be laying eggs by the end of this month.

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