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Bill Hagedorn, 69, of Carbondale passed away peacefully Monday, Nov. 6, 2023.

He married Sharon Hagedorn in 1993 who passed on Aug. 16, 2021. They lived in Carbondale for 32 years before moving to Golden 8 years ago. Bill is survived by his three children: Grace Johnson, Linda Bravdica (Mike) and Debbie Natichioni. He is also survived by his three grandsons, Mario Natichioni, Ryan Bravdica and Bryce Bravdica. And, survived by two sisters, Darla (Dan) Ball and Kara Hagedorn.

Bill, aka Poppy, lived an extraordinary life with his wife Sharon. Doctors told him that he wouldn’t live into his 30’s after an accident as a police officer in Durango, Colorado. After the accident, he had to learn how to read, write, talk and walk again. He met the love of his life, Sharon, while a patient at Hilltop’s Rehab Services. She was his Occupational Therapist Aid and they gladly shared Snickers with each other. They soon married and lived a long and beautiful life together in the Crystal River Valley, riddled with fits of laughter. They laughed so hard (almost daily) they couldn’t speak. “What are you guys laughing at?” was a common question from the family. We are happy he isn’t suffering any more, and he and mom can continue their fits of laughter.

Bill’s knowledge of history and trains surpassed most people. He dedicated two of his bedrooms as an elaborate HO scale train town and even built a life size caboose in his yard. Running trains and continuing to build on the train town was a common theme in his life.

Bill was a man of few words, but his silence was heavily shrouded by strength, courage and peace. His childhood was magical, which shaped the man he was as an adult. This quote from John Wayne, Bill embraced and modeled his life after … “Talk low, Talk slow and don’t say too much”. 

Have an amazing and beautiful life beyond the dash our amazing father, grandfather, aka Poppy, and brother.