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    Aging today: Playing a strong hand

    By Ron Kokish

    When it comes to aging, America has changed. Thanks mostly to a reduction in childhood mortality, more than 80% of Americans born in 1957 lived to be 65 this year. At over 54 million, the 65+ group is now almost 17% of the country. In contrast, in… read more →

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    A miracle in the Bronx

    Of course there’s a Santa Claus. I saw him up close in the Bronx, in 1959, in the employee bathroom at Alexander’s Department Store. We stood silently, as men do at adjoining urinals, finished our business and returned to our work: he to the Children’s Department on the second floor,… read more →

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    Mature Content: Not-so-special needs

    The Carbondale (AARP) Age-Friendly Community Initiative (CAFCI) works to help make Carbondale friendlier for people of all ages. Sue Zislis, a retired physical therapist, is a member of Senior Matters’ Board of Directors and CAFCI’s steering committee. Promoting Universal Design principles has been a rewarding part of her career. –Ron… read more →

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    Having enough is the new ‘having it all’

    Recently, my friend Jessi Hempel, a nationally-known journalist, asked Facebook friends how they felt about “having it all” in this time of COVID-19. 

    Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown used that phrase to title her 1982 memoire, and at the height of my career, it seemed something… read more →