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    UPDATED: Redstone incident exposes local prejudice


    First, a clarification. The headline of last week’s article, “Redstone incident exposes local prejudice” was written by editor Raleigh Burleigh, not Gentrye Houghton. The intention was to highlight that prejudice is felt locally, and not only in Redstone as noted in the article. I realize nowread more →

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    Haciendo negocios en una confluencia de culturas

    Por Stella Guy Warren

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Cuando estaba en la primaria, mi madre y yo hacíamos viajes semanales a García’s Market y La Fogata, en busca de plátanos fritos con crema -un plato tradicional centroamericano-. Con las manos sudorosas, me acercaba al mostrador e intentaba pedir mi… read more →

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    CRMS invites you to be an osprey host

    If you’ve been along Highway 82 by El Jebel and Basalt, or driven 133 through Carbondale, you’ve probably seen these majestic beauty perched in massive nests atop a lamppost, power pole, bridge or other tall structures. Though not social with humans, ospreys certainly take advantage of our infrastructure. They have… read more →

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    Colorado Rocky Mountain School graduates carry forth tradition

    On Saturday, June 4, 43 seniors at Colorado Rocky Mountain School embarked on the next chapter of their lives. Excitement rose as students received flower crowns and boutonnieres. The graduation processional, led by Jeff Leahy, wove its way from the art complex to the graduation lawn where families, friends and… read more →

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    Safeguarding access to women's healthcare

    By Mandy Lei
    Graduating senior at CRMS

    Making the odyssey from Shanghai to Cleveland and then again to the mountain town of Carbondale, my upbringing was one of a narrowing of exposure to the outside world. Yet it was the privilege of attending Coloradoread more →

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    George Weber and Lynn Pulford prepare for life after CRMS

    Over the past 26 years, George Weber and Lynn Pulford have transformed Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) and, in return, it has transformed them. As they wrap up their final semester of teaching before retirement, they reflect on the value of their time there: introducing them to each other, giving… read more →

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    CRMS student receives Boettcher Scholarship

    Staff report 

    Out of a pool of 1,500 applicants, Colorado Rocky Mountain School senior Willa Schendler has been awarded a 2022 Boettcher Scholarship.

    The four-year scholarship is only awarded to 50 students per year. It comes with $20,000 annually for tuition, fees, and other expenses. The

    read more →
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    A.O. Forbes’ odyssey to CRMS

    A.O. Forbes is retiring from teaching, having completed his 33rd year at Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS), a school he attended and graduated from in 1969.

    To encapsulate Forbes’ legacy — as a teacher, coach, mentor, husband, father and grandfather — in one newspaper article, ledread more →

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    Wick Moses: Right place, right time, right attitude

    The home of Wick Moses is full of shelves of vinyl records and pictures from his many adventures. A motorcycle rests on the front lawn. He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1947 and came to the Roaring Fork Valley to attend Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) inread more →

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    Mark Clark bids adieu to CRMS

    Mark Clark came to the Valley as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 25-year-old, and he hasn’t changed much since. His laugh has carried through the halls and meadows of Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) and now echoes off the Grand Tetons — at least for part of the year.

    Clark recently retired… read more →