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    Ps&Qs: America needs a facial

    Wow! 2020 has certainly been a memorable year. Challenging, to say the least. The last nine months have taken a toll on all of us and I think we could use a little TLC. 

    I’ve come to the conclusion that America needs a facial. Trust me,read more →

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    Ps & Qs: History is a spin cycle

    Last month, for my 50th birthday, I got some great gifts, including an epiphany. 

    It happened in Aspen, where even the poodles forget their masks and have to run back before they can go into Starbucks. My epiphany had to do withread more →

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    Ps&Qs: The dog days of summer

    This summer it seems everyone packed up the family truckster and headed for Colorful Colorado… While I can’t blame them, it has caused me to experience some road rage. 

    Whether running errands around town or getting out into the wild, everywhere I go, there are humansread more →

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    No one should be afraid to walk

    “I’ve never felt safer.” I pulled my mask down and leaned over to yell in my friend’s ear during the #BLM march in Rifle last month. 

    As I said it, there were half a dozen Harleys revving past us as we marched along the sidewalk andread more →

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    Ps&Qs: Becoming a junk dealer

    I have come to a crossroads in my career path. Well actually, it’s more like one of those corner roadside stands in Mexico where they sell any/everything from fresh fruit to furniture… after 25 plus years of administrative work in myriad industries: art/entertainment, grocery, airline, etc. I amread more →

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    Ps&Qs: The United States of mind

    With the Michigan Militia bringing guns to a drone war, wild-eyed and bed-headed drivers yelling at Denver nurses in the crosswalk, and every liquor store full of masked patrons, it seems as though the US has totally lost the plot. 

    This pandemic really brings out theread more →

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    The end of the party

    Turns out I am an introvert. 

    I like staying home, and there’s nothing like a little self-quarantine to get that spring cleaning started. I’ve been busy: clearing out drawers and closets, sorting through old photographs and papers, binge watching classics like Knight Rider. Best of all,read more →

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    Ps&Qs: Trump makes me want to pursue dual citizenship

    My maternal grandmother was Canadian and lately I find myself contemplating about the bureaucratic process to obtain dual citizenship, along with the cost of gear needed to survive a Canadian winter.

    If it really comes down to fight or flight, I may just flee. Because Iread more →

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    Ps&Qs: A crisis in the stars

    My horoscope said I may be experiencing an “existential crisis” this week. Nailed it. Luckily, it’s not a permanent condition, and according to the stars, should clear up by the weekend…

    After a natural disaster we often see people who have just lost everything wandering aroundread more →

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    Change your perspective, change your life

    In the words of John Hughes, master movie maker, “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

    A wise man recently reminded me that my life is like a movie, and it’s up to me toread more →