Basalt's graduating class of 2022 celebrates. Photo by Melissa Bowman

By Marlo Bowman
Youth Correspondent 

A little over a week ago marked the end of an era for many class of 2022 students, including myself. The graduation ceremony was not the end of the day, however. There was one final celebration to commence overnight, and that would be Project Graduation.

Project Graduation, thrown together by both parents and the community, helps raise money for the graduating class every year. With this money comes loads of gifts and ways that the community shows their support and love for the graduating class.

As a tradition in both Roaring Fork School District schools and Aspen High School, this event takes place every year. Everything from college dorm room essentials to cold, hard cash are dished out during the night of activites.

Opening the doors at 9:30 p.m. and initiating the lock-in by 10 p.m., the goal is to keep the class inside overnight to discourage drug or alcohol use. And of course, to get the seniors together for one last goodbye. 

Walking into Basalt High School’s Project Graduation night, I was handed a purple fanny pack with an assigned number that contained raffle tickets. These tickets gave students the chance at winning an Apple iPad, a three-month membership to TAC Fitness, an HP laptop, a 50-inch TV, and more.

Moving into the gym, events such as a mechanical bull, Twister, Connect Four, corn hole, a cash cab, poker and more encouraged students to play and win money.

While all of this was occurring, the numbers that we were assigned came into play. Once your number was called, you got the opportunity to pick any of the items from the prize corner. These items included bicycles, mini-fridges, microwaves, headphones, chairs, and other goods.

Everyone walked away with something they could use either in college or for their future plans.

For the second half of the night, a magician came to entertain. With a focus on hypnotizing, he gathered various volunteers. From making my classmates dance to believing they were meeting their celebrity idol, it was all rather hilarious.

By the end of the night, I walked away with an Under Armor backpack, a bed set for my dorm room, lots of cash, gift cards and more.

Feeling rather appreciated, I could not have asked for a more amazing night. This was the perfect way to wrap up my time at Basalt High School.

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