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    Year-end reflections from Mayor Dan

    For as long as I can remember, my goal in life has been to change the world — for the better. I started off my career focused on clean energy and sustainability in the built environment because it was the most interesting way for me to change the world. After… read more →

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    ¿Cuándo fue la normalidad?

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    El año 2021 fue una montaña rusa de frustraciones compartidas y de esperanzas renovadas, ya que la pandemia no desapareció de la mente de las personas ni de las noticias titulares. Sin embargo, la vida continuó en el escenario de la no tan vuelta a laread more →

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    Year in Review 2021: When was normal?

    Dec. 21, 2020 —
    a grand conjunction between planets Saturn and Jupiter, on the solstice, signaled the beginning of “a new epoch,” in the words of Sopris Sun columnist Whitney Will (Sun Signs), “that will see us through until the year 2219.” Year one of that nearly
    read more →

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    Beth Malone Cabaret



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    MarbleFest in photos