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    Public informs wolf restoration policy

    Wolves are predators and so are humans. Therefore, respecting each other’s space, experts say, is key to avoiding conflict between the two. According to the International Wolf Center’s website (, “The injuries that have occurred [to humans] were caused by a few wolves that became fearless of humans… read more →

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    Bustang returns

    The Bustang, which shuttles passengers between Denver and Grand Junction, resumed picking folks up in Glenwood Springs following the I-70 closure in the Glenwood Canyon. Prior to the canyon closure, the trip between Denver and Grand Junction took approximately five hours, 40 minutes.

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    FVP offers support for parents

    The tagline on the Family Visitor Programs (FVP) website reads: “Because babies don’t come with care instructions.” As most new parents would attest, that statement is accurate, and those first few years of raising a child can feel rocky. One question that continuously looms large for manyread more →

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    10x10 keeps secrets at The Art Base

    The Art Base in Basalt opened their annual fundraiser, “10×10 Name Unseen,” with events on Aug. 6 and Aug. 7. The silent auction continues through Aug. 21 and will be followed by a grand opening celebration for The Art Base’s new location in Basalt. The Art Base openedread more →

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    Letter from Michigan

    Greetings, Bonedalers and valley folk, from (near) the shore of Lake Michigan! For almost two months (with a week-long break for Mountain Fair), my wife Bonnie and I have been at a little cottage in the woods about 10 miles north of the Indiana border. We have beenread more →

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    Memorializing the public space

    The question about the appropriateness of certain monuments and statues has been simmering for decades. It finally bubbled over in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. As civil unrest spread across the country, many statues and monuments were vandalized, destroyed or more →

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    Wildfire and mudslides and drought, oh my!

    Intense rainfall over the last several weeks led to numerous mudslides throughout the region. The most notable events occurred in Glenwood Canyon, a direct result of last year’s Grizzly Creek wildfire, though unburned areas also experienced slides, such as Highway 133 near Redstone. 

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    Youth Journalism Program now receiving applications

    The Sopris Sun is proud to present the Future of Journalism Youth Incubation Program, free to all local high schoolers with interest in the industry. From ethics, to interviewing, to photography, cartooning and more.

    The course will run on Wednesdays in Carbondale from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. from Sept.… read more →

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    School’s back (and so are masks)

    Correction, Aug . 9: The Roaring Fork School District will not decidedly be practicing serial testing as an additional precautionary COVID measure at the beginning of the upcoming school year. In accordance with a new program announced by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, this option is… read more →

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    Lift-Up emerges stronger

    “Lift-Up is a treasure,” said Interim Executive Director John Dougherty in a recent interview. “It has been one of the most robust and rapid evolutions of an organization that has really been about hearing what the community needs, engaging with our partners and figuring out the best strategyread more →