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    Commuting made interesting

    With pervasive road work and more cars on the road, comes more idling and waiting for traffic to move, with the vehicle’s AC blowing (or windows down).

    Commuting is a daily necessity on the Western Slope for many, if not most, of the people here. Whether heading back… read more →

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    Coalition grapples with climate pollution at local defunct mine

    Redstone used to be a coal mining town. From the 1950s until the early nineties, Mid-Continent Resources extracted coal from several mines in Coal Basin. Some reports say the company produced in excess of 21 million tons of coal.

    These days, the Crystal River valley boastsread more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - Aug. 18, 2021

    Batter up!

    Carbondale’s North Face/Bill Hanks Ballfield public batting cage is now complete, thanks to a vision by Malcolm McMichael, community partnerships and donations surpassing $4,000 to help cover material costs. The tunnel net batting cage is available during daylight hours except when the adjoining baseballread more →

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    There’s a train a’coming

    The Rocky Mountaineer (RM) passenger train made its debut arrival at the Union Station in Glenwood Springs around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 15. Passengers were greeted by hundreds of onlookers and media outlets and the scene resembled the days of old when townspeople gathered to welcome their loved… read more →

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    Classism and ceramics

    Kyle and Kelly Phelps have been figuratively connected at the hip since birth. “How?” you ask. Well, they’re twins, devoted brothers and share a common life pursuit of spreading socio-economic awareness through art. Their exhibit, “Race, Class, & the Blue Collar,” has been on display at the Carbondaleread more →

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    MarbleFest in photos

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    Our Town One Table roars back to life

    Calling all ye flappers, gangsters and prohibitionists, Our Town One Table, a beloved tradition that began in 2015, returns in 2021 with a “Roaring Twenties” theme.

    Carbondale Recreation and Community Center Facility/Special Events Coordinator Jamie Wall says, “We noticed a trend where the theme bounces off of other… read more →

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    Trustees commit to tiered net-zero goals

    Mayor Pro Tem Ben Bohmfalk led the regular meeting on Aug. 10. Other trustees in attendance were Luis Yllanes, Lani Kitching and Marty Silverstein. Mayor Dan Richardson, Heather Henry and Erica Sparhawk were absent.

    The consent agenda was approved including accounts payable. A brief discussion ensuedread more →

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    Water washes out the BOCC agenda

    The Garfield Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) convened for a relatively short hour-and-a-half regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 9. The topic of interest this week: water.

    Carbondale Town Manager Jay Harrington approached the panel for what he said would likely be his last time on behalf of the… read more →

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    Public informs wolf restoration policy

    Wolves are predators and so are humans. Therefore, respecting each other’s space, experts say, is key to avoiding conflict between the two. According to the International Wolf Center’s website (, “The injuries that have occurred [to humans] were caused by a few wolves that became fearless of humans… read more →