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    A responsibility to participate

    When it comes to balancing public service with a growing community whilst preserving what that place has to offer, it takes a lot of grit and an exuberant amount of dedication. Dorothea Farris is an authentic example of someone who strives to meet that balance.

    Farrisread more →

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    Review: “As Close as I Can” by Cassidy Willey

    Thunder River Theatre Company recently debuted Cassidy Willey’s original piece, “As Close As I Can,” a show based on her personal experiences. Willey became a mother as she was dealing with the loss of her parents. The production, which runs 45 minutes, was first performed at the Denver Fringe Festival… read more →

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    CRBOCES offers hands-on education

    Often, students graduate from high school wishing they had acquired skills more aligned with the line of work they go into. That is, in part, why organizations like the Colorado River Board of Cooperative Education Services (CRBOCES) exist; to give students the opportunity to study what they already know they’re… read more →

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    Six voices share stories of immigration

    They left, to escape poverty, corruption or oppression, as immigrants still do. They took few things with them, aside from their great desire to make a better life for themselves in the United States. Six who found their home in the Roaring Fork Valley made their adopted country better, too.… read more →

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    GarCo Report: What in the census?!

    Following roll call and the pledge of allegiance, Commissioner Tom Jankovsky congratulated the Roaring Fork Rams soccer team for bringing home the state championship trophy. 

    2020 census

    Subsequently, Community Development Director Sheryl Bower introduced Colorado State Demographer Elizabeth Garner who presented trends based on the recent census. “Garfield had… read more →

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    Where the wild things flow

    The good news is, with the recent installation of a new clarifier, Carbondale’s wastewater treatment infrastructure is churning along and ready to accommodate growth.

    What is a clarifier and how does our wastewater return to the river without contaminating it?

    “It’s important for people to understand that flushing a toilet… read more →

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    Wheels of opportunity with Project Bike Tech

    Project Bike Tech (PBT) provides high schools with two years of curriculum, a bike shop complete with bike stands, bike repair manuals and loads of fix-it tools from Park Tool.

    “It comes with a whole lot of benefits from the [bike] industry,” said PBT Executive Director Mercedes Ross. The nonprofit… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - Nov. 18, 2021

    Buddy Program awardees

    The Buddy Program last week announced its annual awardees. The Champion Award was given to Conchita Ramirez, family liaison at Basalt Middle School, for her dedication to community! Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers was recognized with the Golden Carabiner Award and the Inspiration Award went to Pitkin County… read more →

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    "Feeling Walls" explores the fragile edge of art

    Sara Ransford has been living in the Valley since 1977, moving from Carbondale to Aspen, and then back to Carbondale. She worked as an art teacher at both the Carbondale Middle School and Carbondale Elementary School during the ‘80s and ‘90s, where she met Diane Kenney, a fellow art teacher… read more →

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    Rams take home 3A state championship title!

    The game might have lasted 80 minutes, but the Roaring Fork High School Ram soccer boys’ 3A state title was years in the making. 

    It started with the Roaring Fork Soccer Club, and parents willing to drive their kids to matches hours away. Former Colorado Rocky Mountain School player… read more →