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    California calls for help, and Carbondale Fire answers

    So far in 2020, California has lost over four million acres to ravenous wildfires.

    According to NBC News, this “more than doubles the previous record.” The grim data so far shows 31 people, including a Texas firefighter, were killed and more than 8,687 structures were more →

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    Food truck roundup

    As traditional restaurants have transitioned to more outdoor seating and to-go orders, another type of eatery was already offering just that experience. Food trucks have endured and even flourished during the pandemic. We’ve already featured Slow Groovin’s transition at the Red Rock Diner and Mi Lindo Nayarit acquittedread more →

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    Farm to Table brings money to CRES

    The Baiardo family moved to Carbondale in July and began planning a way to continue a family tradition of using cooking to support their kids’ schools. Jonathan organized a dinner selling tickets to teachers and other parents through a silent auction at the annual Ladles of Love fundraisingread more →

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    Schilling hangs up his badge after 37 years

    Gene Schilling has been an essential cog in the local machinery almost all his life — and will continue to be integral even after his impending retirement as police chief.

    His family moved from Aurora to Redstone and built the Crystal Valley Manor in 1960, whenread more →

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    Bonedale has always loved its potatoes

    A discussion of what potatoes and their cellars have meant to the Roaring Fork Valley normally doesn’t begin with the story of a train robbery.

    The 1904 robbery, sometimes called “The Great Potato Train Heist,” is a fascinating tale, but let’s first see how the Carbondaleread more →

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    Make your pick for State Senate District 8

    The race for Colorado State Senate 8th’s District seat is heating up following the Club 20 debates on Sept. 19. Challenger Karl Hanlon and incumbent Senator Bob Rankin faced off on issues ranging from healthcare to the electoral college. The Sopris Sun caught up with the two inread more →

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    Domestic violence incidents spike during pandemic

    What if all of a sudden you couldn’t get away from your abuser?

    That is the awful nightmare victims of domestic violence, men as well as women, are facing in this pandemic environment.

    Initially, the number of reported abuse dropped significantly, according to Julieread more →

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    It’s our single-hauler trash-iversary

    Oct. 1 marks the start of the second year of the Town of Carbondale’s single hauler trash and recycling service. The Town’s goals in implementing the program were to reduce truck traffic, increase the landfill diversion rate, and reduce bear-trash interactions.

    “I have had a fewread more →

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    Comedy — a medicine for melancholy?

    Everyone has heard the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine,” but few realize that this simple observation dates back thousands of years, and during these seriously challenging times, we would do well to add an occasional dose of humor to our lives. 

    You may be surprisedread more →

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    Potato Day turns eleventy-one

    Carbondale’s venerable celebration of history and agriculture gets a COVID treatment with an array of virtual and in-person festivities. This year’s theme  “Spuds and Suffragists — Women Voting Proudly for 100 Years” honors the centennial of the 19th Amendment. In addition to the audio series featuredread more →