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    Tunnel busters: Stones yet unturned

    Produced in collaboration with correspondent Myki Jones

    Something recently has resurfaced in the community’s attention: hushed whispers of tunnel systems underneath the city of Glenwood Springs. So, naturally, The Sopris Sun team went underground to bring you this story, tattered with mystery at every twist and turn. There are some… read more →

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    Skateboarding meets inclusivity

    An art class at Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) took it upon themselves to create an impact beyond the Bar Fork, promoting equity and inclusion of trans people and women in skateboarding and the broader community.

    Before becoming a full-time art teacher at CRMS, Noah Sakamoto grew up in Piedmont,… read more →

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    Chicken soup for the Carbondalian soul

    Let’s get this out of the way: we’re not just talking about chicken noodle soup. In fact, we couldn’t find anywhere that serves the classic on a regular basis — the practical limits of our taste test (sorry, Jaffa). So, unlike our burger and taco competitions which sought to… read more →

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    School board approves salary adjustment plan

    At the March 16 meeting of the Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) Board of Education, held at Carbondale’s district offices, the board approved a resolution supporting a salary adjustment plan, implemented “to provide fair, competitive and living wages for all employees.”

    Funding for the plan’s implementation comes from the mill… read more →

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    Bow hunting taught locally

    Walter Krom has been hunting with a bow and arrow since 1961, when he tried to hunt a squirrel in his backyard, as many young boys did, back in the day. He grew up in New Jersey, 10 miles from New York City. His dad was a hunter and archery… read more →

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    Carbondale Report: Crystal Outdoors LLC threatens litigation

    The most momentous occurrence at Tuesday’s regular meeting was not on the agenda. All trustees were present with the exception of Ben Bohmfalk.

    Representatives of Crystal Outdoors LLC, Dave Myler and Andy Peters, alerted the trustees to what they consider a problem with the town’s unified development code (UDC). Crystal… read more →

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    Carbondale loan fund is open for business

    Have you ever thought of opening a business in Carbondale? The Carbondale Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF) is one financial resource that could help make that business idea a reality.

    In this pandemic-impacted business climate, 0% interest, short-term gap loans with three-year repayment terms are currently being offered. Businesses within the… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt & Calendar - 24 de marzo, 2022

    First Ascent

    Colorado Mountain College invites youth to apply for a free, multi-day outdoor leadership course at its campus in Leadville. The course is open to students who will complete eighth and ninth grade this spring and it takes place from June 19 through June 24. Applications are due by… read more →

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    How to obtain a hunting license

    Applying for a hunting license can be confusing at first. Between Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) regulations and plain old hunter strategy, I’m still learning the ins and outs, 20 years in. If you’re even reading this, you’re most likely a new hunter, so we’ll stick to the basics together… read more →

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    Pages of the Past: ‘C’dale student wants to spend spring break in a Russian Prison’

    From the archives of the Valley Journal and Sopris Sun

    March 4, 1982

    Voting was open for sorority Zeta Epsilon’s woman of the year, with eight nominees. Valley native Betty deBeque was a Cub Scout den mother, president of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce and had planned the memorial service… read more →