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    The Aspen Clinic opens post rehabilitation center

    The Aspen Clinic is a health and wellness resource center that was created in November 2011 to help all individuals in the valley with their health, but has recently claimed notoriety with the opening of its Fitness and Post Rehabilitation Center. The Aspen Clinic (TAC) helps individuals manage their health by focusing on the whole person (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). TAC provides health resources, creates educational awareness and facilitates community engagement. read more →
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    Third Street Center taking over PAC3 space

    The Third Street Center is making big changes in how it manages its biggest space, the PAC3 performing arts center. Until recently, the PAC3 has been leased to Josh Behrman and his non-profit, Music for the Mountains. Behrman has booked countless shows at the PAC3, including Bruce Cockburn, Steve Earle, David Grisman, the Wailers and Hot Tuna. According to Third Street Center board member Gavin Brooke, the TSC board has decided that it now wants to make that space “more available and more of an asset for a broader range of uses in the entire community.” read more →
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    Clear the Air; Drive Smart, Drive Less

    In 1964 a thick haze covered the Los Angeles area for six days straight. The smog was a result of pollutants such as car exhaust and factory emissions reacting with strong sunlight. This chemical reaction creates ground level ozone, the principle component of smog, which reduces visibility to a few miles, and causes physical reactions like burning lungs, itchy watery eyes, and severe respiratory problems. Children, the elderly and those with asthma or heart ailments are most at risk. read more →
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    Community Briefs, 3/14/2014

    Study Spanish in Spain Colorado Mountain College is offering a Spanish course in – you guessed it – Spain this summer. read more →
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    Candidates discuss issues, don’t much disagree

    In Aspen, it’s called “Squirm Night,” where candidates often field nasty questions and everyone gets the opportunity to vent. At Monday night’s candidate forum at the Third Street Center, it was more like “Cozy Up to the Microphone” night, where the four candidates running for three trustee seats didn’t disagree on much of anything. Four candidates are running for three Carbondale Board of Trustee seats: incumbent Frosty Merriott, plus Alexander (AJ) Hobbs, Katrina Byars and Wayne Horak. Mayor Stacey Bernot, a fifth-generation Carbondale native, is running unopposed for a second term. read more →
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    Hentschel boys finally coming home

    Last Monday, Lindsay and Hadley Hentschel were elated to receive the phone call they’ve been waiting 3 ½ years to receive: their adopted sons finally will be allowed to leave Haiti and come live with them in Carbondale. Mykerson (6) and Leander (4) have lived in the same orphanage in Haiti for most of their lives. The Hentschels committed to adopting Mykerson in August of 2010. When they travelled to Haiti to meet him for the first time in December of 2010, they also met Leander, another boy in the orphanage. The Hentschels originally hoped to adopt two boys and it seemed to them that Leander was meant to be a part of their family. By January of 2011 they had officially added Leander to their adoption paperwork. read more →
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    Valley View launches new coronary program

    Valley View Hospital has the launch of the only robotic-assisted coronary angioplasty program in the Rocky Mountain region, according to a press release. The procedure is performed by Frank Laws, M.D., the medical director of VVH’s Heart and Vascular Center using the CorPath System — the first and only FDA 510(k) cleared robotic-assisted technology to aid interventional cardiologists in placing stents and balloons in patients with coronary artery disease. Valley View is the only hospital offering this procedure in Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. read more →
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    Fashion Extravaganza Returns

    Sopris Sun Staff Report

    The Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities presents the 6th annual Green Is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza March 14-15 at 8 p.m. at the Third Street Center.

    Doors open at 7 p.m. for a pre-show dessert reception; a martini, beer and wine bar;… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt, 3/14/2014

    Prius gone wrong

    If you saw the pickup truck and totaled Toyota Prius in the middle of Highway 133 (near Wells Fargo) on March 5, not to worry.

    read more →
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    Fashions vary but the tribe stays pure

    With the CCAH fashion show on the horizon, those of us at The Sopris Sun thought Carbondale’s sense of everyday fashion was worth a closer look. We are already keenly aware of the cultural mix that fills our nest of a town, but do the social, professional, political, and age spectrums somehow lose their delineations with how we present ourselves? Perhaps we can attribute the looming Mount Sopris, which has come to represent us, with lending a sense of personal power to the very air we breathe. read more →