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    CVEPA looks ahead while remembering the past

    Darrell Munsell didn’t set out to write an entire book about the Crystal Valley’s history. The newly retired history professor intended to stay just that: retired.

    “I didn’t know anything about Colorado history, but I fell in love with Redstone and decided to do…

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    Growth crowds elk, deer in more ways than one

    Before Aspen Glen was built, hundreds of elk used to graze between Carbondale and Glenwood — but the fact that the herd has since declined isn’t just a function of development.

    “You’re seeing a direct loss of habitat and also extra people that are recreatingread more →

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    From Carbondale to Los Angeles, an American dad lives the dream

    Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, Soren Bowie has learned to just roll with the tide. Granted, navigating professional highs and lows in Los Angeles can bring an added drama that only Hollywood can deliver.

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    Full Moon Winter Tri comes to Carbondale

    If your New Year’s resolution included anything about fitness or trying something new or both, you’re in luck. The Town of Carbondale, together with Aloha Mountain Cyclery and Independence Run & Hike, is sponsoring a first-ever Full Moon Winter Tri on Saturday, Jan. 19.

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    A mild transition for a wild workshop

    In the few months since the departure of longtime director Sloan Shoemaker, it’s pretty much business as usual at Wilderness Workshop. That’s partly because new director Will Roush and several of his coworkers have been with the conservation-minded nonprofit for years, but also because of its clear more →

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    Deceased local lived without a roof, but definitely had a home

    Tommy Evans went out of his way to find The Sopris Sun office, tucked toward the end of a hallway in the Third Street Center. We admit, it can feel a little labyrinthine.

    “Finally, I found you!” he exclaimed as he walked into the office. Inread more →

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    Rare triple ice flow flushes through Roaring Fork River in Basalt

    After an alert was issued by the Roaring Fork Conservancy (RFC) Friday afternoon, Basalt residents gathered near the banks and along bridges overlooking the Roaring Fork River to safely witness a rare natural phenomenon: an ice dam break.

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    Creative districts unite in CMC galleries

    Carbondale is a well celebrated Colorado Creative District — and while that certainly makes the town special, it’s not unique in its classification.

    There are 20 officially certified creative districts throughout the state, and while a collaboration has long been discussed, they’ve mostly acted asread more →

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    Rankin state senate appointment opens door for another decade in office

    Carbondale’s Bob Rankin heads for the state senate later this month.

    Currently state Representative for the 57th District, which includes Garfield County, Rankin was recently appointed to take Randy Baumgardner’s seat as Senator for the 8th District. Baumgardner is retiring Jan. 21 amidst sexual harassmentread more →

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    Long-discussed projects about to go vertical

    “It’s going to be a busy year in Carbondale,” Town Planner Janet Buck observed after Trustees approved steps for three different developments on Jan. 8.

    In each case the process has been — and remains — incremental, but in each case, actual construction is imminent. Chiefread more →