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    The Hause cause always flows back to the river

    In creating a legacy for his brother Kea, Ian Hause built one for himself as well.

    “He unexpectedly passed away, so we took his vision, his passion, his knowledge, his being and brought that to the river,” he explained of the River, Riparian and Restoration (R3)read more →

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    Propaganda Pie offers a Detroit-style pizzolution in Redstone

    The time has come. Propaganda Pie in Redstone has opened its doors to pizza lovers everywhere.

    Only, you do not even have to be a pizza lover to enjoy this delicacy. What is pulled out of their oven is enough to make a food critic’sread more →

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    Kenna Steindler balances burritos and the band

    The Sun is conducting a series of interviews with folks you may not have seen in the paper before – a sort of introduction to your neighbors. This week we caught up with Kenna Steindler, a fixture at Dos Gringos Burritos, one of the founders of the localread more →

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    The silent trauma of immigration

    The formula for immigrant trauma is a complex one. It begins with cultural norms not to speak about your troubles to anyone. Add fears around documentation status and potential retribution by federal and local immigration and law enforcement authorities and you end up with a problem few willread more →

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    A heads up for property buyers

    “We were bidding at an auction for a lot in Missouri Heights when we were surprised; One person bought all of the entire ranch lots for five percent more than all the bidders combined.” said Ted Bristol, who with his wife Karen, own the UPS store in Elread more →

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    Citizen committee ponders future of Emma townsite

    A steering committee met last spring and will meet again on Sept. 26 to discuss possible scenarios for the Emma townsite historic buildings, just a few feet from Highway 82 between Basalt and Willits.

    The committee was formed as part of the Emma Open Spaceread more →

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    RVR, Town opting for safer trees over cottonwoods

    Sometimes things don’t go exactly as hoped. When the River Valley Ranch (RVR) Master Association and the Executive Board began landscaping the new subdivision 25 years ago, they planted several dozen narrow-leaf cottonwood trees in Orchard Park.

    Cottonwoods can be quite lovely and provide coolingread more →

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    How to get along with our local wildlife

    As the Roaring Fork Valley population grows, so do human interactions with native wildlife.

    Just ask Mike Porras, public information officer for the Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s (CPW) Northwest Region.

    “Over the last decade the number of these interactions has increased dramatically,” heread more →

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    Our Town: ‘Sunny’ Morehouse on plants, psychology, music

    The Sun is conducting a series of interviews with folks you may not have seen in the paper before – a sort of introduction to your neighbors. This week we caught up with Sarah “Sunny” Morehouse, a certified herbalist, enthusiastic musician and empathetic thinker.

    Q:read more →

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    CMS scores soar while CRES minds the gap

    Not all students perform well on standardized testing, but Carbondale Middle School (CMS) is seeing growth across the board.

    That’s according to Colorado Measures of Academic Success results released last week. While science and social studies are also assessed, perhaps the most comprehensive results are thoseread more →