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    There’s plenty of room in the Roaring Fork Fencers Club

    Perhaps, unleash your inner swashbuckling musketeer or pirate in the new year and take up the challenging sport of fencing.

    It’s only since 2017 that the Roaring Fork Fencers Club came to the Valley as the brainchild of founder Greg Domashovetz, who moved here after aread more →

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    Saying ‘yes, and…’ to improv

    By Gracyn Overstreet
    Special to The Sopris Sun

    Things you need to attend an improv class: an open mind. That’s it. That’s actually all you need.

    We gathered in the main theatre room. Nervousness pervaded as we went around the circle introducing ourselvesread more →

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    Chasséing through motherhood and finding balance through ballet

    Like most major events in my life, motherhood came barrelling at me with the force of a flash mob; one minute I was planning a cross-country move to attend my dream graduate program, the next I was obsessively researching reusable diapers and natural birthing tips.

    I’ve alwaysread more →

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    Getting a degree later in life

    At least three Colorado Mountain College (CMC) students view their path, as nontraditional college students, as “different” from that of traditional 18 to 22 year-old students.

    One common thread for Paula Mayer, Amanda Emerson and Troy Harcourt is although they had earned a degree, they sensedread more →

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    Buddy Program needs more mentors

    January is national mentoring month.  The accolade is meant to acknowledge existing mentors but also to spread awareness about the continual need for mentoring youth in this country. If it were not for mentorship programs throughout the nation there would be many more children experiencing adolescence without viable… read more →

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    Volunteers are essential to town boards

    If you’ve ever thought about serving on one of the town’s official boards or commissions, now could be a good time to follow up.

    As Town Clerk Cathy Derby explained, starting at the top, the Board of Trustees will have three seats on the ballot forread more →

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    The cat with nine tales

    Ever wonder what your cat is thinking?

    Jane Bachrach did. So, she decided to write a children’s book series, “The Witty Kitty,” which chronicles the adventures of her adopted cat Jango. It’s full of the feline’s insights and observations about how the animal and human worlds relate or… read more →

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    Henna beasts and where to find them

    Heather Craven’s Henna Beasts weren’t conceived as a product; they were a way to entertain her son with hidden pictures and tales.

    “They have fantastical stories,” she explained. “There’s a theme of personal evolution.”

    The project itself has evolved. At first, it was just a portfolio of… read more →

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    Meyer masters myriad media

    Looking to breathe new life into that empty wall space this holiday season? Interested in gifting a unique piece of valley art to an out-of-town friend? Then look no further than Basalt-based artist Sarah Jeanette Meyer!

    A former CRMS art teacher, Meyer brings the outdoorsread more →

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    Let Them Roar plays for a cause

    Let Them Roar is quite a powerful name for a group of musicians who take on the challenging goal of supporting social causes like the Colorado Sanctuary Movement.

    The sanctuary movement began in the early 1980s to provide safe-haven for Central American refugees fleeing civil more →