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    Longtime local takes the reins in Basalt

    After 46 years in the Roaring Fork Valley, Bill Kane just began his first term as Basalt’s new mayor.

    “I ran a campaign to bring people together,” Kane said, adding, “I want people to feel less embattled.”

    Kane has a long history of governmentread more →

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    The fox squirrel says, ‘I’m not going anywhere…’

    There is a species of tree squirrel within Colorado’s borders that has not always been here. The migrant critter’s latin name is Sciurus Niger but is commonly referred to as the Fox Squirrel. 

    Forest Service Biologist Phil Nyland describes a familiar sceneread more →

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    A virtual prom and a drive-through graduation

    While the class of 2020 will miss many of the hallmarks of senior year, there will be a graduation — albeit in the parking lot. 

    At a special meeting on May 6, the Roaring Fork School District Board of Education expressed support for the  “pomp andread more →

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    Impact on mental health a given, trends to be seen

    With less hustling and bustling, there may be more time to reflect upon the simple side of things while being a recluse at home. Yet the stresses of daily life have been transformed and these altered ones will likely have an  impact on overall mental health for someread more →

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    Local landlords show leniency

    Generally, this time of month landlords are welcoming payments into their bank accounts or perhaps preparing to reluctantly post an eviction notice on a far overdo tenant’s door. Currently, however,  there is a push to halt evictions for a period of time that’s end is elusive. Here’s howread more →

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    Restaurants holding their own

    It’s a tough time to be in the dining-out business, but residents continue supporting their favorite spots using takeout and delivery options. 

    Other food shops have modified their business and marketing strategies to meet today’s challenges. Take vegetarian restaurant The Carbondale Beat, for example. Co-owners Lucyread more →

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    LIFT-UP expands emergency food programs

    Say you just found a dozen cans of tuna fish, three pounds of flour, five boxes of macaroni and cheese or nine packages of ramen noodles in one of your kitchen cabinets.

    Don’t discard these items. Instead, bring them to LIFT-UP along with any other non-perishableread more →

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    Habitat maintains momentum under new leadership

    Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork has a new captain at the helm who means to maintain the nonprofit’s momentum while navigating the uncharted waters of today. 

    Gail Schwartz joined Habitat’s board of directors roughly eight months ago and shortly thereafter assumed the role as its more →

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    Newspaper crafts made easy!

    Don’t recycle those empty toilet paper rolls and used newspapers yet! Did you know that by using a few items found around your home, you can create fun and engaging paper crafts for the whole family? 

    From origami to papier-mâché, paper crafts have been captivating homeread more →

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    Local theatre groups going remote

    Yes, you can still go to the theatre, but not quite in the format you’re used to. Bonedale is now primarily a virtual world as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

    Having in-home internet access solves a number of entertainment problems, but not all. For theatre goers, onlineread more →