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    Wilderness Workshop engages the Latino community in conservation

    By Olivia Emmer
    Sopris Sun correspondent

    A father and daughter enjoy the Centennial, aka, East Elk Trail of the White River National Forest. Photo by Olivia Emmer.

    It’s a sunny winter morning and the trailhead parking lot reverberates with upbeat chatter. English and Spanish words float…

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    People in the Crystal Valley walk the talk

    By Roberta McGowan
    Sopris Sun Staff

    It may seem like ages ago, but it was only at the end of May 2020 when the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd sparked a wave of protests all across the country. This murder became the final straw for Black, brown… read more →

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    My Pandemic Pod

    Text and photos by Laurel Smith

    I left teaching to become a photojournalist almost four years ago and I didn’t look back. I never expected to return to it and I certainly did not expect to fall in love with being a teacher all over again.

    When the pandemic hit,… read more →

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    The show must go on

    Social distancing hit just in time to postpone (and ultimately cancel) the Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza. At the time, it seemed safe to schedule events for autumn, and 5Point opted to change the date as well. But as it became clear that restrictions would be with us… read more →

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    Business as unusual

    Ever-changing regulations have left shops, restaurants and other services scrambling. Some, like Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli, just pulled up stakes, while the Pour House has opted to just close for the duration. Among the rest, here are a few that stood out in their attempts to keep the door’s open, if… read more →

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    What’s your superpower?
    Local nonprofit VOICES aims to amplify community voices, empowering participants through a variety of art forms. The organization’s latest achievement features 10 seniors from Bridges High School that produced a short film in collaboration with 5Point Adventure Film Festival. The video is hosted on YouTube with… read more →

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    Year in review 2020 — a year apart

    Although it started before and will continue after, COVID-19 has defined 2020. The relative normalcy of January and February feels distant and alien now, and events that would once have defined the year — such as the Grizzly Creek Fire — seem almost like footnotes.
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    Aspen airport exempt from reducing its capacity

    Traveling can be stressful in and of itself. Some folks cannot stand the thought of flying while others struggle to leave the house without worrying they’ve forgotten something — like Kevin. Throw COVID-19 in the mix and many will decide to nix the prospect of traveling altogether. 

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    More older adults seeking meal delivery

    As 2020 have dragged on, many people are feeling the strain of prolonged isolation to protect family and community from COVID-19. 

    One group particularly affected is older adults, who are at higher risk for bad outcomes from a coronavirus infection, and may already face factors that… read more →

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    High Risk at High Altitude sheds light on mental wellness

    In a valley prone to mental health crisis and high suicide rates, newly appointed Aspen Public Radio (APR) news director Ariel Van Cleave has arrived with a fresh take on mental health support.

    Growing up in rural Illinois, Van Cleave was aware of the increased risks… read more →