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    Demolition and development

    Nine Carbondale businesses displaced by redevelopment

    Rounding out an unprecedented year of challenges, nine Carbondale businesses received final notice on Jan. 7, 2021 that they are expected to vacate their spaces by the end of February or earlier. Plans to redevelop the Sopris Shopping Center, built in 1963,…

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    “This I Remember” tapes return to Carbondale

    An elusive collection of cassette tapes containing historical interviews of Carbondale’s early residents and conducted by the late Mary Ferguson for her KDNK show “This I Remember” has landed in the care of the Carbondale Historical Society. 

    The tapes have been highly sought after for several years because they… read more →

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    Naturalist Nights 

    Welcoming abundance through Hopi tradition and science

    In winters past, locals in the know have enjoyed many cozy evenings “sitting at the feet” of diverse presenters sharing their specialized insight for coexisting on Earth. These annual Naturalist Nights, co-hosted by the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Wilderness…

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    Vaccines roll out

    The Garfield County COVID-19 vaccination program is moving ahead and picking up speed. Two potentially life-saving vaccines are here and, according to Carrie Godes, Garfield County public health specialist, “We are getting more vials of the medication every several weeks with a mix of both the Pfizer and… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt - January 7, 2021

    GarCo vaccinations

    People 70 and older, plus high-risk health care workers and persons that have direct contact with COVID patients, are eligible to be vaccinated through Valley View and Grand River Health hospitals. Appointments will be made as vaccine supplies become available. For Valley View Hospital, call 970-384-7632. For Grand… read more →

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    Learning Rhythms and Rhymes for Trying Times

    Last June, I saw a post on the Carbondale Facebook page from local musician Natalie Spears offering music lessons. At this point, I had spent over two months in COVID-remoteness and needed something to break out of my doldrums.

    One Christmas, I received a ukulele as a gift. It came… read more →

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    My Hunter S. Thompson story

    Wow– 2021! So much to look forward to: a new year, a new president, a new car … My beloved Volvo traveled over 200,000 miles before it finally kicked the bucket and while I look for a new set of wheels, I’m borrowing my uncle’s car. It’s a beast from… read more →

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    Local musician braces for brain surgery 

    From an early age, Carbondale local Tanner Alan Rollyson fostered a passion for music and has steadily risen above challenges in pursuit thereof. By the end of 2020 he was faced with a calamity not brought on by his own volition. 

    On Dec. 21, Rollyson unexpectedly dropped and experienced an… read more →

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    Army Corps hearing refusal

    CVEPA Views
    by John Armstrong

    After a brief review of numerous formal requests, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has denied a public hearing to review the Marble Quarry’s illegal and unpermitted burial of Yule Creek above the town of Marble. The Corps states, “We do not believe there… read more →

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    Outdoor experts agree, risk management is key

    By now we know that recreating outside positively affects one’s cognitive, mental, physical and emotional well-being; and that a few hours a week can completely change one’s mood for the better.

    So, it might not come as a shock that after this past year Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported a… read more →