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    Mending the Hoop

    By Melina Laroza
    Special to The Sopris Sun

    Whether colonizer or colonized, oppressor or oppressed, we all are wounded from the illusion of separation between Mother Earth, ourselves and each other. Indigenous peoples who live in tribes connected with their roots are perhaps closer than the rest of us… read more →

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    Ps&Qs: We can’t jump ship

    Here’s what I know for sure: water is life, life is fragile, and we are lucky ducks to live on this little frickin’ miracle of existence — the SS Earth.

    I had a dream recently where I was traveling across the ocean on a steamer when I realized that I… read more →

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    Looking ahead in 2023

    2023 is set to be a historic year of progress for the town of Carbondale, as multiple major projects that have been years in the making come to fruition. Our Board of Trustees and staff plan to stay focused on getting these projects done this year. Naturally, unforeseen issues will… read more →

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    Land conservation as an act of philanthropy

    On Dec. 20, 2022, Jeff and Janette Bier donated 8.5 acres adjacent to the Marble Wetlands to the Trust for Land Restoration (TLR). The 55-acre Marble Wetlands was donated to TLR a year earlier by an anonymous individual. These properties lie between lands already owned by the Division of Colorado… read more →

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    Mature Content: To plan or not to plan, that is the question

    By Ron Kokish

    I met Niki when I was 21. She was 19. She enjoyed our first date, so when I asked her to a toga party the following week, she said yes. Then she had second thoughts. “A toga party? At a frat house? Ugh!”

    She decided to back… read more →

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    Branching Out: What is it with winter?

    All the other other seasons are linked together by bearable, warmer temperatures, tethered to things that are “alive.” We play, we gather, we grow. Days are longer, more sensual. Winter is different, almost separate, in a way.

    It’s here, truly, and I don’t hate it.

    The white stuff is sticking… read more →

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    Looking forward with Defiende Nuestra Tierra in 2023

    2023 is an important milestone for the Defiende Nuestra Tierra program at Wilderness Workshop (WW) — we’ll be marking our five-year anniversary! If you’re not familiar, Defiende Nuestra Tierra (which means “Defend our Land” in Spanish) was created by WW in 2018 out of a recognition that, toread more →

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    The two faces of San Miguel de Allende

    Translated by Julian Nihill

    San Miguel de Allende (SMA) is often referred to as the “heart” of Mexico due to its importance in history and its location within the Mexican Republic. However, the rapid growth of this city and the arrival of thousands of foreigners asread more →

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    Críticas: Hometown hate

    “Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.” –Jonathan Safran Foer

    There used to be a time when I was ashamed of being from the Roaring Fork Valley.

    It seemed to me that everyone growingread more →

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    Recommended Reading: ‘Buttons: Dreams Do Come True’

    By Jamie LaRue
    Garfield County Libraries

    “Most people don’t remember the day they were born. I remember it all.” So begins the children’s book “Buttons: Dreams Do Come True” by longtime Glenwood Springs resident, Rachael Windh.

    That arresting beginning has an immediateread more →