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    Be a ‘weed’ warrior

    By Alex Menard

    Editor’s note: This article is a response to a letter to the editor published June 9.

    What is a weed? There are many ways to answer this question. A weed is a plant out of place. A weed is an unwanted visitor with undesirable features. A weed… read more →

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    Adjust, accommodate, repeat: Part two

    By Larry Bogatz

    Mature Content is a monthly feature from the Carbondale AARP Age-Friendly Community Initiative (CAFCI).

    I appreciated Marty Gallagher’s Mature Content column last month: “Adjust, Accommodate, Repeat.” We do this all our lives, in ways both great and small, from the moment we leave

    read more →
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    My personal burn scar: An appeal for volunteer firefighters

    It was July 3, 2018, when we fled our Hillcrest home and the hotshots were called in. We watched from Willits as the choreographed fire dance began; flames popped up and the chopper released rains of red retardant. The hillside was studded with brush fires crowning our more →

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    Desde de la Clínica: Los Vegetales que te ayudan a luchar contra el cáncer son "los crucíferos"

    Los vegetales crucíferos incluyen la rúcula (mejor conocida como arugula), la col china, el brócoli, las coles de Bruselas, la col, la coliflor berza, col rizada, rábanos, nabos y berros.

    Los crucíferos son parte de la docena diaria del Dr. Greger en su libro “How Notread more →

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    Trail Notes: It's spring, why not plant trees?

    By Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers
    Special to The Sopris Sun

     It’s always fun to put something into the ground and watch it grow, but Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers (RFOV) only plants trees occasionally…join us at Lazy Glen on June 21 to plantread more →

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    Letters - June 16, 2022

    Vote Boebert out
    Americans have had enough of the carnage. 

    Nearly all of the recent horrible mass shootings have been by young men who had easy access to firearms and automatic weapons. 

    Lauren Boebert has consistently voted against every proposed logicalread more →

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    Branching Out: Living into our dreams

    I was a teenager already studying architecture in high school, and I wanted nothing but New York City. I wanted to live on a boat in a marina. I dreamed of tailored mini skirts; long, fitted blazers; and three-inch slingback heels. I would zip about in my charcoal gray Mazda… read more →

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    Recommended Viewing: ‘Chico & Rita’

    By Lisa Detweiler
    New Castle Branch Library Associate

    I love a good story about everyday people that also gives me a peek into a different time and/or place. “Chico & Rita” fits that description. Better yet, it tells the story through the rhythms ofread more →

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    A celebration of the class of 2022

    By Marlo Bowman
    Youth Correspondent 

    A little over a week ago marked the end of an era for many class of 2022 students, including myself. The graduation ceremony was not the end of the day, however. There was one final celebration to commenceread more →

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    White River Books Review: ‘Damnation Spring’

    By Izzy Stringham
    Special to The Sopris Sun

    “Damnation Spring” is a remarkable debut novel by Ash Davidson, and easily one of the finest to be released last year. Its well-conceived plot and storytelling, along with complicated but relatable characters, made for a readread more →

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