As a 501(c)(3) community nonprofit paper, The Sopris Sun has heard from many business owners how difficult it is to find help these days, so we have decided to offer this free service.
The Sopris Sun is offering this service in good faith to help our community and asking for only legitimate job opportunities within Pitkin, Eagle, Garfield or Gunnison Counties. We reserve the right not to publish any ad if all form information is not filled out. Multi-level marketing or other such business opportunities will not be published. To limit such abuses we are currently limiting the number of jobs per email to 3. If you have more open positions, please contact us directly.
The HELP WANTED deadline is 10 AM on Monday for Thursday publication.  Ads will run for 2 weeks.
Email today to send us your ad!

If you would like to have a larger display ad with graphics or QR code, contact Todd at so we can get logos/graphics from you.  The display ad deadline is Friday at 5PM.
If you would like to make a donation you can do that on our donation page. Donations are what make this free service possible.
If you have questions or concerns please contact

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