Work in Progress

The Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist solstice celebration combined rituals from the Judeo-Christian and pagan traditions. They honored Chanukah by telling its story, lit a chalice to honor the orbiting of the sun and the planets, cast a circle to honor the indigenous Nuche people and called upon the guardians of the four directions, represented by animal totems. On slips of paper, people wrote down what they want more of in 2023 and what they want to let go of. The papers were placed in a wreath which was ceremoniously burned in the bonfire at the end of the spiral dance where people joined hands and moved in a counterclockwise circle, winding toward its center. The circuits grew ever smaller, just as the days get shorter toward the end of the year. Near the center, at the point that represents the solstice, the dance turned and moved clockwise, bringing people face-to-face. Photo and text by Sue Rollyson