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    Mark Clark bids adieu to CRMS

    Mark Clark came to the Valley as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 25-year-old, and he hasn’t changed much since. His laugh has carried through the halls and meadows of Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) and now echoes off the Grand Tetons — at least for part of the year.

    Clark recently retired… read more →

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    Letters - Feb. 10, 2022

    Happy New Year 

    January has already come and gone. They say time flies and we are watching it happen.

    Carbondale Homeless Assistance is still very active in our Community. Although “different,” 2021 still showed the need for our help. We are grateful toread more →

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    Branching Out: Fragrances of home-making

    The scent of cumin hits an ancestral note for me; it frees the feels, right up there with sauteed onions or sizzling garlic: uniquely and pungently itself. Familiar and welcoming, yes, but otherworldly, too. In just a handful of homes do I smell it, that pervasive, bulk-food spice cabinet… read more →

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    Carbondale Report: Trustees split over yard waste collection

    Tuesday’s meeting saw all trustees in attendance besides Erica Sparhawk. The meeting began with student of the month awards, approval of the consent agenda and comments by trustees. 

    Next was a public hearing for an application for a new retail marijuana store called Goodflower, to be located at 1101… read more →

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    Garfield County Report: Mystery Ranch proposal introduced

    Garfield County Commissioners took nearly seven hours to address the agenda at their Feb. 7 meeting. For more information about the agenda, an assortment of attachments, and a recording of the entire meeting, visit www.garfield-county.com

    The latter part of the meeting included topics pertaining to community development. During a… read more →

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    Sisu: like your life’s cup of coffee

    “‘Sisu’ is a Finnish term and it means ‘enthusiasm, spirit, drive.’ All of the ingredients that you think of getting yourself going and being happy about what you’re doing and challenging yourself, that’s what ‘sisu’ is,” explained Elliot Norquist, Mount Sopris Nordic Council board member and trails/grooming manager. “‘Sisu’ is… read more →

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    Esquina Legal: Corazones rotos, la importancia de protecciones civiles

    Con el día de San Valentín a la vuelta de la esquina, les quiero platicar sobre cómo protegerse si se enfrenta en una dificultad con otra persona. Protecciones otorgadas por ramas judiciales existen para proteger a individuos en un tiempo de necesidad. 

    La asamblea de esteread more →

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    Carbondale intenta reflejar intereses diversas

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Al comparar los comentarios de las reuniones de participación en español e inglés, la directora de planificación de Carbondale, Janet Buck, se divirtió al encontrar entre las opiniones comunes: “¡No pongan Carbondale demasiado bonito!”. Ese comentario es sólo una pequeña muestra de los milesread more →

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    Que mi amor tenga nombre

    Al amor se le escribe y se le describe, por si las dudas, no vaya a ser que Cupido se equivoque.

    Al amor se le saluda, se le da la bienvenida y se le invita a ponerse cómodo.

    Al amor se le abraza y apapacha. Como a la vida, se… read more →

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 10 de febrero

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Licores del centro

    La tienda de licor Main Street Spirits, en 389 Main Street en Carbondale, recientemente cambió de dueño. Los nuevos dueños cambiaron el nombre del negocio a “Downtown Liquors on Main” y están ansiosos para darle la bienvenida a la comunidad mayor de 21… read more →