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    TRTC rebrands at 25

    Thunder River Theatre Company (TRTC) is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an open house gala and cabaret at their building on Saturday, June 25. The event will feature food trucks, including Mama’s Pierogi, and a bar for adult attendees courtesy of Marble Distilling. 

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    Scuttlebutt & Calendar - June 23, 2022


    Remember the six P’s in case of an evacuation: (1) people and pets; (2) papers, phone numbers and important documents; (3) prescriptions, vitamins and eyeglasses; (4) pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia; (5) personal computer hard drive and disks; (6) “plastic” (credit cards, ATM cards) and cash.

    River reckoning

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    CRMS invites you to be an osprey host

    If you’ve been along Highway 82 by El Jebel and Basalt, or driven 133 through Carbondale, you’ve probably seen these majestic beauty perched in massive nests atop a lamppost, power pole, bridge or other tall structures. Though not social with humans, ospreys certainly take advantage of our infrastructure. They have… read more →

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    Letters - June 23, 2022

    What can we do?

    Plastic? In the 1940s, when I was growing up, there were very few plastics and we lived without them. Now, they make life easier, but we do pay a price. Plastics show up in our waterways and are found in sea life throughout the world. Plastic… read more →

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    Be a ‘weed’ warrior

    By Alex Menard

    Editor’s note: This article is a response to a letter to the editor published June 9.

    What is a weed? There are many ways to answer this question. A weed is a plant out of place. A weed is an unwanted visitor with undesirable features. A weed… read more →

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    Local climate educator returns from the Arctic

    Nearly 100 miles offshore, north of Utqiaġvik, Alaska, Sarah R. Johnson, founder of Wild Rose Education in Carbondale, carefully leaned out of a hovering North Slope Borough Search and Rescue Sikorsky S-92 helicopter.

    Pausing for just a moment to take in the vastness of the Arctic Ocean, Johnson exhaled as… read more →

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    Goodflower dispensary sprouts in Carbondale

    Cousins Brandon Turner and Ty Ritchey opened Goodflower on April 12 to serve the Roaring Fork Valley with a robust approach to selling recreational and medical marijuana products and accessories. This includes discounts every day of the week, high-quality glass smoking pieces, essential oil candles, as well as a large… read more →

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    Adjust, accommodate, repeat: Part two

    By Larry Bogatz

    Mature Content is a monthly feature from the Carbondale AARP Age-Friendly Community Initiative (CAFCI).

    I appreciated Marty Gallagher’s Mature Content column last month: “Adjust, Accommodate, Repeat.” We do this all our lives, in ways both great and small, from the moment we leave

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    Glenwood Garden Club gathers greenthumbs

    Since 1931, the Glenwood Garden Club has provided a space “to stimulate knowledge and love of gardening and aid in the protection of mature trees, plants and birds and encourage specific plantings,” according to its original mission. Today, its purpose remains much the same, Ann English, a formerread more →

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    Orbeez, how a toy can turn into a weapon

    On May 26, the Orbeez Challenge on TikTok made its way to the Roaring Fork Valley. The challenge dares young people to use airsoft guns or “blasters” to shoot innocent bystanders with gel pellets. 

    In a local case, high school students drove by Miners Parkread more →